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Election Night is Ladies Night at CNN

CNN has invited the Barnard Community to put on their most patriotic Barnard sweatshirts and join the cable station in Times Sq., as part of its Election Night Watch Party. CNN is offering the Barnard gals pretzels, (presumably non-alcoholic) warm beverages, heat lamps and topical political trivia! 

An email sent to Barnard students explains that “VIP guests will receive priority seating and be in the best spots to be panned by the camera or interviewed by a CNN anchor.  CNN asks that you wear Barnard sweatshirts, hats, and other paraphernalia so that you may be easily identified as a Barnard student.”

Plus, if these pretzels, heat lamps and shot at Eternal Television Glory are enticing to enough students, CNN will arrange for a van to collect the ladies of Barnard and deposit them at the Times Sq. location.

CNN has not invited Columbia students to the fancy outdoors bash! But you can read the full email after the jump.

Dear Students:

Be at the crossroads of the world (and possibly on the JumboTron) on Election Night!  CNN has invited students from Barnard to join its Times Square Election Night Watch Party and live broadcast as VIP guests.  The newly renovated Duffy Square, with seating on its lighted, ruby-red steps for 1,500 people, will serve as CNN’s television studio for the night and the site of a flurry of Election Day activities, including:

–iReports to be uploaded on

–a live CNN broadcast on the Times Square Spectravision video screen

–heat lamps and warm beverages to keep the crowd warm

–pretzels, popcorn, and hot dogs served throughout the day

–political trivia games, and

–a League of First Time Voters station

VIP guests will receive priority seating and be in the best spots to be panned by the camera or interviewed by a CNN anchor.  CNN asks that you wear Barnard sweatshirts, hats, and other paraphernalia so that you may be easily identified as a Barnard student.  If there is enough interest, transportation will be provided from campus, leaving at 5:00 p.m., arriving in Times Square shortly before 6:00 p.m., and returning to campus at around midnight.

To reserve a seat at the event, and on the bus, email Susan Cohn ( ASAP but no later than Friday afternoon at 3:00 p.m.  Transportation will be guaranteed only to those who email by the deadline.  Please indicate:

1. Name(s) and class year(s) of students requesting seats at the event

2. Name(s) of students requesting seats on the bus

3. email addresses for each student

4. cell phone numbers for each student, if available

An email will be sent out on Monday confirming reserved spaces and providing more details about logistics.

And of course, don’t forget to vote!


Dorothy Denburg

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  • "...CNN says:

    @"...CNN will arrange for a van to collect the ladies of Barnard and deposit them at the Times Sq. location.” Ten years ago, CNN would not have been able to get away with that kind of wording…

  • yeah, but says:

    @yeah, but does CCSC have VIP tickets?

  • CCSC says:

    @CCSC As this is an open event, Columbia College students can definitely still go!

    Look for a CCSC email shortly to tell you more details about traveling downtown together and taking part in this great event.

  • anyone says:

    @anyone rather watch election night in the warmth of a lounge and eat food and whatnot than be in the cold and forced to be enthusiastic? just wondering.

    1. ehh says:

      @ehh warmth, yes. but for a lot of people on this highly political campus, enthusiasm will not be forced.

      that’s a once in a lifetime opportunity. and hey, they have heat lamps.

  • YAY says:

    @YAY SEAS is invited!!! And I just registered. =)

  • yeah says:

    @yeah CCSC is apparently the only student council that didn’t bother.

  • well says:

    @well SEAS is invited.

    1. and says:

      @and ESC responded!

  • well says:

    @well good for Barnard. Why be jealous that they’re getting recognition, even if CU didn’t get invited? They’re an fine institution in NYC as well. It’s better than having NYU students if you ask me

  • *invite says:

    @*invite invite, not invited

  • i heard says:

    @i heard they did invited columbia students, but the CCSC never responded.

  • i wonder says:

    @i wonder why would they ever choose to invite barnard over columbia?

    1. probably because says:

      @probably because barnard students are less likely to act like radical leftist idiots.

  • agreed says:

    @agreed once upon a time, I kinda liked the guy for being honest enough to stand up to his party when they were wrong.

    but now he’s a total sell-out. what a yutz.

  • McCain says:

    @McCain From honorable, reasonable war hero to lying scum bag. How the mighty have fallen.

  • WTF says:

    @WTF what the hell. they get bloomberg, they get cnn. columbia gets nothing. does barnard get the perks because they’re perky?

  • over/under says:

    @over/under on the number of barnard students wearing Columbia gear?

    1. #10 again says:

      @#10 again Let me be clarify:

      You can’t continue to justify using Columbia for name recognition because “its more well known than Barnard” if you pass up opportunities like this to raise the profile of YOUR institution (“The Liberal Arts College For Women in New York” as it says on the corner of 116th and Bway) on national TV.

      Just saying.

  • apologies says:

    @apologies poster 1 for my redundancy

  • News says:

    @News speaking of CNN. what’s up with the bitters hating on Prof. Khalidi?

  • suspicious... says:

    @suspicious... …this just sounds like an elaborate ploy to get a bunch of unsuspecting barnard chicks into a van…

  • or you can just says:

    @or you can just borrow a friend’s barnard sweatshirt and rsvp if you are a girl

  • actually.... says:

    @actually.... Columbia students have been invited…check in with the various political groups on campus some have invites to send members to this same event.

  • what the hell says:

    @what the hell inviting barnard and not columbia would be like inviting oprah’s little sister and not oprah herself.

    errr…not to say that columbia = oprah but you get what I mean

  • ya homie says:

    @ya homie This is nice…perhaps the first time in history there’s a kinda cool benefit to being Barnard and not Columbia.

    1. Except says:

      @Except for the whole getting a Columbia degree but not actually going.

    2. it's pretty vicious says:

      @it's pretty vicious CNN strives to create ‘2 Columbias’ through these divisive tactics

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