A fair number of you politically inclined tipsters have sent us the CNN story about Palin’s mention of Rashid Khalidi’s relationship with Obama. (Good to know you aren’t harboring a grudge against CNN!)

Anyway, Palin characterized MEALAC Professor Khalidi — whom she noted was a “political ally” of Obama’s — as a “former spokesperson for the Palestinian Liberation Organization” — a claim refuted by both Barack Obama and Khalidi himself. 

Palin denies that this is negative campaigning, claiming that it “is not negative campaigning to call someone out on their record.”

McCain and Co. have also recently demanded that the Los Angeles Times release a videotape of Khalidi’s going-away party at the University of Chicago, a party Obama attended and allegedly featured a woman reading a poem that was critical of the Israel-US relationship.

The paper has refused to release the tape (their source asked that it be withheld), which prompted Palin to suggest that the Times be awared a Pulitzer for “kowtowing.”

For his part, Khalidi has denied to speak on the record about McCain campaign’s assertions until “this idiot wind passes.”