Congratulations to this year’s creative team of the 115th Annual Varsity Show, which was announced via email mere minutes ago.

Director: Thomas Anawalt CC’09

Producer: Rebecca Lewis CC’11

Producer: Darcy Zacharias CC’10

Writer: Erica Drennan CC’11

Writer: Rachel Leopold CC’10

Writer: Sam Reisman CC’10

Composer/Lyricist: Becky Greenstein BC’10

Composer/Lyricist: Matt Stauffer GS’09

Choreographer: Claire Halberstadt BC’09

Art Director: Cayle Pietras CC’09

Friends, bestow upon these talented individuals your accolades, and then your goodbyes, as you will not be hearing from any of them until May.

Also, for those of you who missed last year’s show, or are new to the concept of the Varsity Show, last year’s show is available to stream on the Varsity Show’s website.