So, having flubbed Spec’s tricky midterm schedule (just go read yesterday’s issue), we’re back again to Quicking something else—this time last night’s final presidential debate, conclusively won by some guy named Joe.

plumberPolitico’s Ben Smith – who is obsessed – uncovers that Joe isn’t registered to vote!

Slate’s John Dickerson anticipates a feud with Bob the Builder

The Times’ Gail Collins: give that man a “really fancy blog”!

The New Republic wonders if he’s met Joe Six-Pack

E. J. Dionne says that Joe thinks Obama is a socialist

McArdle worries we’re focusing too much on the fate of Plumbing Americans

And Joe himself:  “you can speak pretty, but there’s gotta be action behind it”

(…although, via Wonkette, it appears he may be an impostor!)