According to the New York Times, the long-running civil case between Saigon Grill and its workers ended on Tuesday in a $4.6 million verdict in favor of the workers. “Judge Michael H. Dolinger of United States District Court in Manhattan found violations of federal and state wage laws in awarding up to $328,000 to some of the deliverymen.”

Juniors and seniors with particularly sharp minds will remember spring of 2007, when protests against local restaurant Saigon Grill were the activist item du jour. In March of that year, the restaurant locked out its workers rather than raise pay and labor standards (among other abuses, the workers were only being paid $1.60 an hour for more than 70 hours a week). Columbia students quickly joined the cause, culminating in a large sit-in/protest in May (which was later uploaded to YouTube).

The deliverymen, at least, are obviously happy. “‘It was worth the fight because we were treated badly for so long,’ [one deliveryman] added. ‘I never imagined we would receive so much money.'”