The alcohol-fueled, after-bar emailing session! A venerated tradition that’s worse than a drunken phone call because it involves spelling and it’s archived, forever.

But, as Gawker reported, one American Hero/Gmail Engineer has designed a program that will prevent you from sending drunk emails

It’s called “Mail Goggles” and it harnesses the power of simple arithmetic to keep you from embarrassing yourself.

When activated, Mail Goggles will gently remind you that “it’s that time of day,” and will then ask you to solve a series of math problems before allowing you to send an email. You can set it to only do so late at night, and even switch around the difficulty of the problems.

And speaking of brilliant Google features, the company has honored their tenth anniversary by bringing back their index from 2001. Put in a search, and it responds like it’s 2001. For example: Meet a young upstart from Illinois named Barack Obama