The First Batch of Costume Contest Submissions

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Bwog received some rather impressive Costume Contest submissions, the but the unanimous forerunner thus far is from Ms. Caroline Corley, CC ’12, who dressed us as “an NYU student.”


Think your costume is better? Send in a picture today, during this Extended Contest Time, and prove it. In the meantime, check out two other noteworthy submissions after the jump.

 Jason Kruta SEAS ’12 as a mad scientist

Ian Allen SEAS ’12 as Andy Warhol


Anthony Yim SEAS ’10 and Peter Traverso SEAS ’10 as characters from XKCD

In the dark


In the light

Jamie Righetti

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  1. i heart caroline  

    omg most amazing costume ever!!!!!

  2. Woah  

    Caroline, you pulled that off far better than I could have imagined.

  3. hahaha  

    i love how the freshmen are the only ones who care enough to do a costume contest

  4. These costumes  

    are just underwhelming.

  5. love it!  

    haha caroline looks bitchin
    props to sean the photographer!

  6. XKCD

    Brilliant. So simple and yet absolutely brilliant. I hope they sent a copy of the photos to Randall Munroe.

  7. Actually  

    I take it back. XKCD for the win.

  8. ...  

    stick figure guys win.

    i don't get what's so great about the girl dressed up like a gayboy dj on his way to go spin some really awful dance music.

  9. xkcd costume

    is easily the best.

  10. hands down

    XKCD. mad props.

  11. liz

    the andy warhol costume looks more like a berlin-era lou reed.

  12. Anonymous  

    We (I) demand Quailman!

  13. Anonymous

    That said, impressive stick figure costumes.

  14. noticed

    that isxkcdshitty hasn't been updated since august.

  15. #15

    But Sara Palin wants it SO bad! ah well, if not now, she'll get it in 2012 anyways....

  16. nice  

    awesome costume, caroline!

  17. that  

    Jamie Righetti is a hottie.

  18. i'm a fan  

    of the xkcd costumes. very nice.

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