Pretty Baby on Campus

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Tipster Marie Whittaker has informed Bwog that Brooke Shields (Princetonian and film star-oft-in-the-nude) was spotted on campus (actually on campus this time) this morning, with kids (and nanny) in tow. 

As she was walking in a westwardly direction, Bwog concludes that she must have been returning from PrezBo’s mansion.  Even he liked The Blue Lagoon.

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  1. Anonymous

    I'd fuck her...but only for German engineering.

  2. college walk

    I am not westward of prezbo's mansion!

  3. ...  

    she was in town last night for prezbo's rave at low library. i caught both of them out back, clearly under the influence of ecstacy, smoking cloves with some dude from public safety and talking about how there's nothing to worry about because money does not by happiness afterall.

  4. wait

    so prezbo likes half naked under-aged chicks?

  5. wow

    that's an extremely flattering pic. she sure as hell don't look like that no more.

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