Democracy is Just Around the Corner

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Here is a Google Maps App that tells you where to go to cast your vote today. (If you’re at school, it’s probably Wien, despite Google’s uncharacteristic misspelling.)

The app also includes reminders like “you must be registered” and whether or not your location offers early voting, which at this point is irrelevant, but still, we will remember this thing for 2010’s election. 

Oh, and check back later today for more election stuff, including a very scientific exit poll.

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  1. we vote

    in 2009 too. and for mayor, no less.

  2. why the hell  

    have i been hearing screaming people for the past two hours from my schapiro window?

  3. CUMB  

    are prancing and squealing around in wien courtyard right now. they just stumbled into a rendition of sweet dreams (I think). make it stop, please

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