The Winter Holiday Season Officially Begins

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Look at what a nice welcome back treat your President Bollinger has arranged! Men have arrived in white trucks filled with Christmas lights, and they have begun stringing these lights around College Walk’s trees in the traditional fashion. 


More photos of daytime holiday loveliness after the jump.


— Photos by JNW

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  1. yes  

    I am happy about this

  2. Silly Rabbit  

    Am I the only one that finds this EXTREMELY depressing? Maybe it's the weather...

  3. when  

    is the tree lighting this year?

  4. Don't  

    you mean "holiday lights"? I don't think you're allowed to call them "Christmas" lights anymore...

  5. mikhaelis

    When will they turning them on at the night?

  6. yeah wtf

    do you mean by CHRISTMAS lights? Why not JEW lights? We Jews fucking INVENTED the idea of lighting shit in December. Ain't no fucking CHRISTMAS lights you racist bastards!

    • considering  

      judaism is a religion, Bwog isn't racist.

      And the Jewish equivalent of Christmas lights would be Hannukah lights, not Jew lights.

      Stop accusing people who use the words christmas lights of being anti-semitic. They're called christmas lights because Christians have historically decorated their houses and towns with lights for Christmas. It's just a phrase. Get over it. There are more important forms of racial, ethnic, and religious discrimination to be worried about.

      • wow man

        way to be an obnoxious prick. Why don't you stop being a righteous douchebag, and learn to understand jokes. Thank you for clarifying the jew light/ Hannukah light distinction, btw. I will make sure to point it out to my rabbi this weekend.

        • the only  

          obnoxious one here is you. You're bringing a hostile and downright crude tone where it isn't necessary or even provoked. Cut poster no. 17 a break -- it's harder to pick up on sarcastic jokes when they're in written comment form. I think that he/she, rather than being a "prick" or "righteous douchebag," was merely commenting on the hypersensitivity surrounding the whole secular vs. religious, "winter" vs. "Christmas" season or holiday issue that has become tiresome and almost comic in recent years.

  7. Sure....  

    but Jews helped make Christianity possible (e.g. Jesus was a Jew, so were his disciples)...So no harm done...

  8. love it  

    this my favorritteee

  9. 2150  

    yeah!!!!!! lights!!!!!!!!!

  10. yayayayayay  

    Yay for secular lights!

  11. Bob Marley

    Whether or not #17 is a prick, he's wrong. You can indeed be racist against Jews. While "Judaism" refers to a religion, "Jew" refers to an individual of an ethnoreligious group. Scientifically, Jews are just as much of a race as Blacks or Hispanics (especially since we have no real bright line).

    Anyone who comments on Bwog thinks that their opinion is going to somehow clear everything up, and make it all good, so we're ALL pricks.

  12. ...  

    they're the lights of knowledge to celebrate rational atheism!

    or rather, some old meme that was independently arrived at by many cultures to distract people from shooting themselves in the face during dark depressing weather.

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