Black Death Strikes New York City, Columbia

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Bwog hopes this post finds you able to sit up, sit, talk and/or breathe this lovely Monday afternoon: many of your classmates are not so fortunate. Yes, the much-fearedĀ norovirusĀ is making its way around our fair campus these days, leaving Columbians with a strain of what we understand is the nastiest stomach flu known to man.

Bwog has witnessed several mid-day CAVAs outside John Jay of those seemingly unable to battle what is now being referred to as “the plague” without the help of St. Luke’s. The New York Times reports a 19% increase in ER visits for stomach bug-symptoms, some 400 visits per day. We’ve been washing our hands every few seconds and suggest you do the same. Nowhere is safe.Ā 

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  1. Ugh.  

    Also, strep throat is going around.

  2. oh no!  

    better stay out of butler!

  3. haha  

    already had it, suckas!

  4. is it wrong  

    that i read this and thought "THAT could get me out of these problem sets!"...?

  5. germophobe  

    i totally agree with the last two sentences.

    i also wash frequently and agree that nowhere is safe.

  6. this was hell!!!  

    I've had the stomach virus before, and this was worse than anything I've ever had. Seriously, be careful if you don't want to go through absolute hell

  7. this is weirdly

    irresponsible nyp-style sensationalizing.

    i read this was actually scared. boo.

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