More Monday Brings More Crime: Student Attacked Saturday Morning

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Following news of a stabbing at the 110th Street subway stop, and Barnard’s out-of-the-blue announcement its Public Safety Department will be patrolling residence halls, Columbia Public Safety released news of an “attempted robbery” early Saturday morning at 123rd and Amsterdam. The victim, an unnamed CC student, was attacked by two males who fled on foot. 

Anyone who has information about the incident is advised to contact the 26 Precinct Detective squad at 212-678-1318. The rest of the announcement is after the jump.

Columbia University

Department of Public Safety



On Saturday, November 8, 2008, at about 3:30 a.m., a Columbia College student was accosted as he walked on W. 123 St. near the corner of Amsterdam Ave.  The victim was approached from behind by two males who knocked him to the ground, punched and kicked him, then attempted to remove his property.  The suspects fled on foot.

The victim provided the following descriptions;

Suspect# 1- male/ 6’/24-25 years/ wearing a black hoody.

Suspect #2- male/dark sweater or jacket.

If you have any information about this crime, contact the 26 Pct. Detective squad at 212-678-1318.

Remember to use the Columbia University shuttle or escort when traveling throughout the neighborhood.  The telephone number is 212-854-7233 (SAFE)

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  1. a male you say?

    that's quite a thorough description.

    • ...

      that's so true... the first thing I noticed was the lack of a specific description...

      Columbia exhibits profound incompetence in so many departments (e.g. taking 3 days to release this) but when it comes to being politically correct, it's the only thing they can do right

  2. we...

    apparently are in a post-racial society

    • Actually...  

      They do report the race...usually. I just assumed that because the victim was attacked from behind and was on the floor while being assaulted, he didn't get a good look at he perps...just a guess.

  3. prob will be deleted  

    but most violent crimes on the street are committed by black people

  4. Are you  

    fucking kidding me? What good is a report released almost 3 days later?

    This is the second time public safety has pulled this shit this semester and that's just for fuck-ups involving violent crime right near campus. This is criminal incompetence.

  5. today  

    i passed by a tour group stopped at a blue light. The tour guide: "Security here is really great, I think there was one little incident four years ago but other than that everyone is really safe here."

  6. trend  

    murders are up 8% across the city this year. still historically low, though.

  7. so...

    how many muggings/murders/assaults/etc does it take for us to wonder whether Columbia has been going downhill in the safety department?

  8. sup  

    prolly injun or summat

  9. recession

    The city is far more crime ridden in other neighborhoods. Try getting out of Mornignside Heights some time. Chelsea at night is fun. Gunpoint muggings galore.

    • wrbawe  

      Now I feel much better. I don't care that violent crimes happen near campus because they happen more frequently in other areas of the city. Thanks!

      • well  

        if you're so worried about the relatively low number of crimes that occur here, why don't you do something about it. start up a student run neighborhood watch of sorts? campaign columbia to hire more guards to patrol and install cameras/lights in more areas, etc. don't just sit here and whine because let's face it...sure public safety sent that memo pretty late, but does it change anything? if it takes a memo for you to make your habits more safe then the problem is you're acting unsafely until public safety tells you a crime occurred...which is exactly why many crimes occur

      • what

        what a stupid fucking argument

        and the people of bosnia in the late 90's should have considered themselves lucky they didn't live in Rwanda


        • i find it  

          somewhat ridiculous to compare new york city crime rates to a mass annihilation of a populace.

          • yeah

            because the point of my comment was saying east ny is equivalent to rwanda

            maybe the reason you found it ridiculous is because you have no idea what an analogy is

            i'll spell it out for you--the fact that things are worse off by comparison somewhere else doesn't somehow mitigate what is a deteriorating and scary situation locally

      • aux police

        or join the auxiliary nypd squad and make a difference here and citywide. columbia is not a fort, immune to nyc crime trends.

  10. wow  

    this school is full of retards. post #14 is clearly pointing out the stupidity of #13's argument, not whining about public safety

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