November 11: When Xmas AttaX!

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Today is Veterans Day, but the local RiteAid has already fallen victim to a vicious attack by Christmas decorations.

Bwog assumes the ladder is temporary.

RiteAid is not the first victim of this offensive — others include Starbucks and Duane Reade (all the way back in September). If your friends or favorite establishment come down with this “early mistletoe” disease, please let Bwog know.

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  1. the Grinch  

    Fuck Christmas.

  2. ima big jewsky  

    hmm, i dont see any hanukkah bushes....

  3. bwog...  

    my balls have caught the christmas fever a little early this season. One's red and the other is green, and that normally doens't happen until at least Dec. 1st most years.

  4. Billy

    Jesus...because we all feel like buying cheap Christmas tat in early November.

  5. indian  

    i dont need no christmas, i dont gotta assimilate into this christmas hegemony.

  6. k-mart

    was taking their halloween stuff away mid-october for christmas stuff

  7. oh come on  

    Christmas is nice. Quit your kvetching

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