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Say hello to the first member of the class of 2013: Blake Lively, from TV’s Gossip Girl program.  There she is on the right, looking studious.

Lively mentioned in a recent interview to W magazine that she’d like to take classes here, at “Yale”, one day a week. Apparently, “the possibility of attending Columbia University one day a week was a motivating factor behind accepting the role on the show, which is shot in New York.”

And just in case you cynics are about to write Lively off as another mindless celebrity — an anti-Franco, if you will — there’s this Revealing Insight in the following paragraph: “I probably have, like, 60 gorgeous bags. I have a closet with my really sharp, fancy, nice ones — the ones that go with my Valentino pumps, for example. And then I have a closet with the ones that are a little more rugged-feeling, the kind that go with my Belstaff motorcycle boots.”

Have fun in Lively’s LitHum class, Thirteens!

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  1. they have

    lit hum that meets one day a week? why wasnt i told about this?

  2. Umm

    She's 21, so no way is she going to be in CC as a freshman next year. If she came to Columbia, she'd be in GS

  3. Don't be a snob..

    She is actually smart. According to the internet was accepted to Stanford BEFORE she even became an actress.

  4. yeah  

    because people who own shoes automatically lack intelligence.

  5. oh come on

    I'm sure James Franco has said a couple dumb things as well.

  6. haha

    Isn't her dad famous for some reason?? Maybe that's why she was accepted to Stanford... I personally am not impressed by her.

    • almost famous  

      her dad is ernie lively, who's also an actor, so i guess it depends on what your definition of famous is. he did, however, appear as her father in the second installment of the big screen version of the sisterhood of the traveling pants.

      so yeah, i guess he is famous...

  7. oh.hello.there  

    Honestly people?
    Just because she's one of the stars of this generation's defining teen soap does not mean that she doesn't have brains. She might not been Natalie Portman, but she's still seems like a very impressive young woman. Giver her a chance.

    But then again, this news basically made my day. I personally will be awaiting her arrival. Aka waiting with baited breath merely to catch a glimpse of her perfect radiance. Oh muses, calm my spirits...

  8. question...

    But how do you attend college "one day a week?" How could you ever complete your coursework in four years at that rate?

  9. nice  

    she is attractive.

  10. Charles Trout  

    She will definitely love Columbia. Plenty of Dan Humphrey type losers around here.

  11. To Be Fair

    I'm SEAS '08 and I effectively went to class one day a week. I just drank myself retarded 5 of the remaining 7 instead of being a famous actress, but I got a degree!

  12. if she comes here  

    i may rebel. she is not worthy of an ivy league education... unless maybe its at princeton

  13. wait a second  

    nowhere does it say she's coming. they said the possibility of taking a class one day a week was a draw to her to come to new york but it doesn't say whether she's even doing that much less actually enrolling or admitted or has even your shit bwog/bwog commenters

    • ...  

      the fact that she's even considering college as something that could be workable as a "one day a week" sort of thing means she has absolutely no idea what she's considering getting herself into.

  14. duh  

    the way college admissions works is that all you have to do is be on page six and colleges are all omg and handwrite invitations for you to come to their school and then you're basically in and your best friend gets really butthurt about it and has to babysit some horny thirteen year old but then she gets in too and you go have mimosas.

  15. and they don't even

    have dan humphrey's sucked-in cheeks. they do, however, have about as much ability to grow facial hair as aaron. i predict she'll be very happy here.

  16. xoxo  

    There are a million Dan Humpfreys on this campus.
    Aaron is more of an NYU guy. Slimy, hipster-ish, and generally unattractive.

  17. xoxo  

    i mean "humphrey".

  18. guest

    Could be GS, could be Continuing Ed, which is a completely different division altogether:

    As for defining soap? Sure, if your life is defined by the urban prep/private school and upper class social scene. While for some of you that may be true, it's not for a lot of us. That doesn't mean it isn't an addicting show, it's hardly "generation defining" unless our generation is vapid, flighty, angsty, and insulated inside the rich and beautiful people clique.

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