Secrets About That Action Movie: Revealed

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Several tipsters have sent in sightings of a film crew that’s been causing quite the stir outside the Bon French Cleaners. Bwog Daily Editor Justin Vlasits was on the scene earlier today, and he believes it to be a “low budget action movie.” (Note the old-timey green police car after the jump.) Vlasits also reports that a panhandler was wandering around set and no one seemed to care. Anyway, pictures of the disorganized action film below. 

UPDATE 10:46 PM: Commenters have noted that it’s apparently a television program called Life on Mars, starring Christopher from the Sopranos and Harvey Keitel. We stand corrected.

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  1. They were filming  

    Life on Mars.

  2. agree  

    it does look like Life on Mars. I hate how Bwog instantly assumed something negative ("low budget") and like how Bwog is wrong, as usual.

  3. Anonymous  


  4. come on  

    srsly bwog, all you had to do was ask anyone on set. low budget movie? plz

  5. Laura Kay  

    if you smoke some bud there will be

  6. loser  

    i was there! i was there! i was walking through riverside park, and then came across these trucks of trailers and all this equipment and a guy who looked famous. and now it's all here on bwog! (it IS life on mars btw).

  7. bwog was right  

    to be negative. it's the remake of a fantastic british show and the american version cannot compare.

  8. it's a god awful  

    small affair, to the girl with the mousy hair.

  9. hap hap

    sometimes i wonder if some bwog writers are so shy that they would rather just take pictures and speculate than actually investigate a situation.

  10. john simm  

    exactly. nothing'll beat the bbc series.

  11. seu jorge

    Saiiillooorrsss fighting in the dance halllll / oh mannn look at those cave men go / it's.a good awful showww (indeed it is) / is there life on maaaaaAaaaaaaaaaaarrrrsrrsrsrsrrsrsrs?!?!?!b?!?

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