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Here’s a quick round-up of all the goings-on of Columbia and its environs, happening right now:

A notably dapper member of the Philolexian Society is currently standing atop the Sundial. He and others  advertising for the Joyce Kilmer Bad Poetry Contest, which is happening on the 13th.

A few yards over, on the Steps, Amnesty International: International Refugee Day is going on until 5 PM.  Then, at 7:30 PM,  there will be a panel of Refugees Scholars in the Trustee Room in Low, who will be talking about their experiences.

And finally, for reasons unknown, Postcrypt is celebrating suggestive portraiture on College Walk.

Busy afternoon, no? Enjoy these outdoors activities while you can. Maybe it’ll soon be winter, which we vaguely remember as being cold. 


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    the real postcrypt is postcrypt coffeehouse. postcrypt art gallery are some silly people using the name since the 80s.

  2. for

    "Reasons unknown"? Why, it was for our collaborative Salon with Artist Society this Friday, of course! (Psst... look to the sidebar ---->)

  3. Dude...  

    Remember when artists used to get along? Fight the establishment, not each other!

  4. Eh.

    Done (collaborations! yay!) and done (almost getting kicked off the premises by Public Safety today, but... not).

  5. Yeah it's her!  

    Lila is the coolest freshman ever.

  6. kristinaluvr  

    Kristina was the coolest freshman ever when she was a freshman. But now she's a sophomore.

  7. You know it.  

    Josh Mathew is my hero

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