Uris Gets Louder

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Spotted heading toward Uris earlier this evening: Jim Cramer, the excitable host of CNBC’s Mad Money. He was alone and talking on his cell phone. “He sounded, well, mad,” reported an eyewitness.

The reasons for his campus visit are of course a mystery, though Bwog would like to point out that he has a 17 year old daughter, who could be looking to join Blake Lively and the other as-yet-unknown castmembers of the class of 2013. Or perhaps he’s off to scream some investment advice towards B-Schoolers, who are presumably huddled together in their exclusive luxury study rooms.

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  1. omg  

    I understand nothing about money except that I need to marry rich, but I love Jim Cramer

  2. Adam Nobler  

    I find that if I eat a meal while watching Mad Money, I finish an entire dinner before the first commercial break.

  3. haha  

    I can't imagine without picturing someone short, goateed, balding, and insane.

  4. maaaaaad money  

    on halloween, jim cramer gives out signed mad money t-shirts. true story, i used to trick-or-treat at his house. and hopefully cece does come to columbia she's a cool kid

  5. booo yaaaa

    The guy is a little too insane to be an ideal investment advisor, but he is endearing.

  6. hehe

    Cramer's backstory is pretty amazing, check it out if you guys get a chance...

    (as much as he appears as a wackjob, he's got one impressive history haha)

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