ESC, etc.: R.I.P. BC Swipe Access (Also: There’s Tuna in Your Mac and Cheese)

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Fu Foundation Bureau Chief Sean Zimmermann attended
last night’s ESC meeting. Swipe Access died; revelations about Ferris Booth and JJs were unearthed.

Swipe access is dead, long live swipe access: During the last night’s ESC meeting, President Peter Valeiras announced that SGA, Barnard’s student council, had decided after meeting with the administration to stop pursuing swipe access. (Columbia’s student councils will still circulate a survey on the topic, but it’ll be just to see how much support there was for the initiative, which, again, is dead.) Swipe access for General Studies students is still in the works.

In other news, as you know, the upcoming NROTC survey, which will be circulated on Monday, will have one question: “Do you support the return of NROTC to Columbia’s Campus?” Though some students have voiced concerns about holding the survey at this time because of the uncertain future of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, President Valeiras explained that the NROTC committee, of which ESC is a member, decided that it would be inappropriate to include Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell in the committee’s survey because there is no way to determine what DADT would be replaced with.

Good news in the form of new means to eat spicy chicken: JJs will soon offer catering for campus events, and is also planning to introduce call-ahead ordering. Council members also discussed how to help the financially ailing Ferris Booth. A representative for Ferris Booth explained to one council member the reason why Ferris Booth is so much more expensive than other eateries: we have workers, to whom we pay wages and give benefits. But the biggest revelation of the night, undoubtedly, was that Ferris Booth’s mac and cheese contains tuna, which is disgusting.

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  1. Dissatisfied  

    "A representative for Ferris Booth explained to one council member the reason why Ferris Booth is so much more expensive than other eateries: we have workers, to whom we pay wages and give benefits."

    They also have two people do the job of one person. Seriously, learn how to run a business. You have you're an eatery for an entire University which means you have a customer base of at least 6000 of undergrads. It can't get any easier than that.

  2. EWWWW  

    "Ferris Booth's mac and cheese contains tuna, which is disgusting."

    So...can we import an In-N-Out Burger joint to replace Ferris Booth? Because that would be an epic success.

  3. sorry  

    but "stop PERUSING" swipe access?

    don't you mean "PURSUING," bwog?

    i understand you guys only have spell check and not grammar check, but it kills.

  4. Hmm  

    Where are the militant vegetarians to protest this?

  5. Anon  

    What? Why would SGA stop pursuing universal swipe access?

  6. CCSC  


    Out of curiosity why are you dropping the ball on CCSC reporting, and only making it to the ESC meetings. We are getting accused of a lack of transparency over NROTC, which while definitely carrying some legitimacy, is partially because campus news mediums have failed to report on our work; not to mention all the other initiatives we are working towards.

  7. HELL NO

    5 guys >>> In-n-Out

    (From a New York native who's tried both, 5 guys definitely takes the cake - unlimited toppings??? YESSSS)

  8. CC 12  

    So the 40-year-old GS students in my classes can freely walk around my dorm, but I still have to sign in my girlfriend who goes to Barnard?

    Does anyone else see something wrong with this picture?

  9. Ron  

    Also, CCSC might consider posting their minutes in "blog" format. That way people could hook in via RSS and everyone would be immediately informed as to what they were up to.

  10. Oh no

    In-n-Out is so much better. You must not have known about the secret menu, you can order whatever you want!

  11. duh  

    whataburger >> in-n-out = 5 guys

  12. militant vegetarian  

    is extremely disgusted to learn that the mac and cheese is not classified as one of the many things that belong on the "do not eat list" at the campus eateries. too many things contain meat!!!!!!! what else is hiding mystery meat? i'm afraid to eat at any campus dining now...

  13. wow  

    Please don't pay your workers that much if it is driving you bankrupt. You have students too, who pay you $45000 a year, so show them the same sympathy you show your workers instead of constantly sucking their wallets dry.

    And, did ESC really just say "we're done w/ swipe access" and not provide any reasons?! Holy crap. There's transparency and accountability for you.

    • Alum08

      I bet you they had reasons. I wouldn't entirely read the Bwog for details on ESC (no offense Sean). Go to a freakin' meeting if you care.

      Also, just for the record guys, Lisa Hogarty (when she was working for student services before she moved up to CUMC) approved an "advance pass" style swiping; you left your friend's name at the front desk (who would keep the record at the computer that's in front of him), and when your friend came up, he/she would show his/her ID for verification and would be allowed to come into the dorm.

      I wouldn't be surprised if this initiative would be used for GS, and it should be...

  14. ...

    that survey wording bloooooooooooows

  15. The Mac & Cheese  

    smells absolutely rank.

  16. fbc costs...  

    it's because we can't get away with migrant workers and instead have unionized help in ferris.

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