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Newly minted SSOL enthusiast Adam Weiss reminded Bwog of some important and welcome changes to your Student Services Online.

For one, a search will not only bring up classes, but their registration statuses. Oh, and search now also brings up the course description when the call number is entered.

Now there are fewer things to be disappointed about and inconvenienced by on registration day!

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  1. and also  

    did anyone notice the easy "switch section" button? has that been there before? it made finding a better art hum time MUCH easier

  2. huh  

    it's the same "change section" option as before, no?

  3. Annoyed

    It still didn't show the time of the class which is very annoying for me since one of my class's times had changed and I couldn't register for it since it now conflicted with another class. I had to go to the directory to get the time. SSOL, like every other electronic thing Columbia handles is still a POS, though it is getting better.

  4. Columbia Classes  

    Columbia Classes launched last week. Check it out if you're interested in a better alternative to the course registration process.

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