Lost and Found: iLost iPod Edition

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After Bwog posted about a Shapiroite losing her key, we were notified by another student who had lost her iPod Touch.  Says the Forgetful: “I last used it at a meeting in Avery Cafe Monday night around 8 PM and am almost sure that I put it back into my bag, but alas it was not there when I went to reach for it the next morning.  To make matters worse, it was not in a real case but an old white gym sock (gross, I know) to keep the screen from scratching.” 

Other than the odious sock, her prized possession can be identified by “some pictures of Long Beach Island and friends running the NYC Marathon, or my top songs in iTunes (1 Grateful Dead and 2 Crosby Stills Nash).”

Once again, if you have any information about the iPod’s whereabouts or if you yourself have lost something and would like us to help you find it, email [email protected] And in case you were worried, that missing VingCard has been located.

(We’ll only be posting a firm maximum of one lost and found PSA per day, so any additional Missing Objects reports in the next 24 hours will be added to this post.)

More missing item alerts:

  • “I lost a blue pencil case (Le Sport Sac) in between John Jay and Schermerhorn (it may be in one of the classrooms.)  I have my VingCard in there as well as a debit card.”
  • “I lost a beloved stainless steel coffee thermos last week, probably in Java City.  It smelled of coffee and cinnamon, and has ‘Urban Justice Center’ written in red on the side.  I would really, really like it back, and I will buy a cup of coffee for the person who returns it.”

Also, if you are searching for a lost item, don’t forget to check the real lost and found in the Public Safety office in the basement of Low Library.

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  1. ...

    Bwog, are you starting to show a new good sumaritan side in your reporting?

  2. slippery slope  

    bwog, i understand the sympathy and the good samaritan-ship... but please don't turn into a depository of lost and found blog posts...

  3. lost and found  

    Instead of one per day, you should post oner per week and any other lost items can go into the comments.

  4. haha  

    Thanks for the ipod, bitch. good luck getting it back. by the way, your music sucks and warrants its theft.

  5. when i got here  

    ... i lost my sanity and have yet to get that back, but lost all hope on that field

  6. why not  

    just create a separate website for the PSAs. Similar to the one that exists for Hawkmadinejad. (Though obviously, it will pale in comparison)

  7. I know

    it's stressful writing things on the internet, and that no matter how hard you work on it, someone will find an embarrassing mistake and point it out publicly, distracting from the substance of your work. I feel your pain, I really do.

    So with that out of the way, you probably meant "odorous" instead of "odious".

  8. help me!!!!  

    i recently lost:
    $100 bill

    cell phone (forget what make)


    52" plasma tv



  9. $1,000,0000 Reward

    I lost an iPod Nano with 0 songs in it...It did have mad content though...It was a leather case, and I think $40 were in there as well.

    That was probably good enough to buy the charger and headphones, which I kept.

    P.S. I can't give 1 million, but maybe I'll say thanks a million times :)

  10. i lost some things  

    I lost a blue Columbia pencil, 37 cents, and some dryer lint the other day. Can you guys help me?

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