Attorney General Mukasey, CC ’63, Collapses During Speech

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Attorney General Michael Mukasey, CC ’63 (who taught at the law school as recently as 2006) collapsed last night during a speech in Washington D.C. Towards the end of an address to the Federalist Society, Mukasey began to slur his speech before he collapsed. He was taken to a nearby hospital, where press reports say he is now “conscious, conservant, and alert,” though there is no word yet why he fell ill. 

UPDATE: Mukasey left the hospital around noon Friday with a “clean bill of health.” Doctors ruled out a stroke or cardiac problems as the cause.

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  1. good

    i hope its his conscience waterboarding his black heart

    • lol  

      actually Mukassey has been fighting the NYPD, who have been pushing to loosen regulations on surveillance and monitoring people

      • good for him

        but he also supports (or supported depending on how he pulls through) waterboarding, guantanamo and the restructuring of the federal government in the wake of 9/11. I think the NYPD thing rings a little hollow when juxtaposed with his shitty opinions.

        • lets see

          he was addressing the legality of waterboarding which he said currently (at that time wasn't authorized) so a mega-fail there

          Your 'supports guantanamo' is a meaningless statement--perhaps your commenting on the process to challenge detainment or who controls the legal process under which detainees are tried. In that case Mukasey encouraged action by congress--which is echoed by guy like Katyal and which did happen.

          And OH NO!, restructuring the govt in the wake of 9/11---cause the security/intelligence/govt agencies clearly were so effective to the time leading up to 9/11

  2. Robert Pollard

    This would be the second collapse (or near-collapse) of a major Bush Administration official in as many months:

    Stressful times over there

  3. Maybe

    He was overwhelmed by the bullshit coming out of his mouth.

    • hahahha


      i bet that was it


      maybe he had so much poop in his mouth he could breath and collapsed


      and that shit is because he's a morally BANKRUPT moron who clearly sucks from the evil teat of BUSHCHENEYHITLER

  4. Thankful  

    Let's thank God he is still "conservant".

  5. EAL  

    The comments here are disgusting.

  6. seriously?  

    this comment board makes me ashamed of Columbia.

  7. haha  

    Obama is going to keep some people from the Bush Admin. and also by getting Hillary as SoS, we all know his "change" was a lie. Get used to four more years of a darker skinned Bush. You've been duped. Hope is / was for Dopes.

  8. Coxswain


  9. Disgusted  

    Why have some of the egregious comments on this page not been removed. This is disgraceful, and forceful action should be taken against bwog and the editorial staff.

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