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  1. Jesus  

    With the brotest article, I know I'm reading something interesting, I just don't know what it is. You could be so much clearer if you didn't try to use witty phrases and clever adjectives.

    • holy crap

      I completely agree. This article was a travesty of writing...way too self-important and 'clever' without ever actually saying anything.

      B&W, please do not let this person write again!

  2. Counter  

    I don't follow the argument that the 25th anniversary celebration is somehow late in being scheduled near March 2009 rather than March 2008. Women were first admitted in 1983, yes, but that means they started in the FALL of 1983. The 1983-1984 academic year was the first year in which women were enrolled in Columbia College.

    Given the choice between celebrating in Spring 2008, 24-and-a-fraction years since coeducation began, and Spring 2009, 25-and-a-fraction years later, it makes just as much sense to do it now. I don't know...somehow getting upset over commemorating an event about 10 months late rather than 2 months early just doesn't seem worthwhile to me.

  3. yup  

    blame Columbia. The root of all people. That's all these people do.

    "It is a very, very bad thing," Carolyn Birden, head of the West 110th block association, wrote in an e-mail. "Given that so many students are from mall country, I wouldn't be surprised if the chains were being courted."


  4. ...  

    brotests... it's like protests, but with bros... get it?! you know, like dudes in backwards baseball caps chaining themselves to trees and shit... isn't that an absurd juxtaposition?! wait wait, i have a better one... fractivists... it's like a sigma lamda phi hunger strike! isn't that absurd?! hahahaha this is so funny!

  5. uhhh  

    is the spec website down right now??

  6. hmmm  

    is this brotest shit true? I don't remember anything about the Vitamine Shoppe protest, or an athlete's tent at columbia - bwog didn't report it.

  7. Alum

    "Chains in University-owned buildings include D'Agostino, Morton Williams, Washington Mutual, Chase Bank, Aerosoles, and Ricky's."

    Washington Mutual and Chase? As if the neighborhood would be better off with banks that had only one office?

  8. The King of Spain

    The term is not "bankization" it's "Bank Death," like Heat Death, because they cause a slow, dreadful homogenization into boringness.

    Banks are pretty bad for streets, because they have little activity and little enjoyment to offer, unlike a restaurant. Most of them are just rows of ATMs set up to ensure that you can get cash easily.

  9. The King of Pain  



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