Meet Columbia’s New Rhodes Scholar

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The 2008-2009 Rhodes Scholars have been announced, and Columbia’s very own R. Jisung Park of Shelton Connecticut has made the list! 

Per the winners’ bios press release: “R. Jisung Park, Shelton, Connecticut, is a senior at Columbia where is a double major in economics and political science.  Jisung has done research in tropical rainforest studies in Australia and has developed a cross-disciplinary course of study at Columbia in sustainable development.  He serves on the editorial board of a journal on sustainable development, is an a capella bass singer, has taught English in Korea, and spent a year studying at Oxford.  He will return to Oxford to do an M.Sc. in nature, society, and environmental policy.”

Congratulations R. Jisung Park! We look forward to congratulating you once again when PBK is announced. 

Last year two Columbians were awarded the scholarship: Jason Bello and George Olive. In terms of inter-Ivy competition, Princeton was the big winner this year, with three students represented. Harvard was runner-up with two, and Brown, Penn and Yale tied with Columbia. Hear that Yale? Tied.

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  1. EAL  

    Ji completely deserves this. Well done, man. Well done.

  2. 3 things  

    1. Congratulations to the Rhodes scholar

    2. Bwog, either "Here that Yale?" is brilliant or incredibly sad

    3. Who cares about Yale?

  3. You know  

    I think Bwog has a bit of a Yale complex.
    (And congrats to Jisung.)

  4. jisung  

    is also totally hot. this comes from a straight man.

  5. ooooh  

    A true achievement!!! Congratulations, Jisung! I am proud to be your classmate. :)

  6. please

    spell 'hear' correctly

  7. oh man  

    i didn't apply to yale. columbia ED babies.

    but jisung is pretty hot. last year's rhodes scholars were also pretty hot too. am i seeing a pattern? PERFECT PEOPLE!?

  8. drunk  

    I saw them celebrating at 1020 last night!

  9. oyez

    Long Live Michael Pippenger, Dean of Deans!

  10. for the record  

    just so it's out there, since this cannot be said of everyone who gets these awards:
    ji is an awesome guy and i think anyone who knows him is just downright happy for him. he's a totally grounded, humble, cool guy and i really don't think this will go to his head any more than it should. ji deserves this and we should all be proud he's a columbian.

  11. god  

    there are way too many gay people on this campus

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