QuickSpec: Important Answers Edition

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Who will find Columbia librarians places to live? Why, Alan Brinkley, of course! 

Why did PrezBo’s salary rise half a million dollars last year? So he can retire without stress, duh

“But my roommate’s veganism got me thinking”: life’s Big Questions answered here!

Should you invite all your BFFs to your private island for a few days over break? Think twice, wealthy Columbian! 

Why is it this cold a month before it should be? Pretend you’re still enjoying crisp autumn weather and feeling all collegiate with this compilation of fall songs 


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  1. wow

    This is about the 8th q and a-style QuickSpec I've seen this semester. Didn't these used to be like, funny and clever?

  2. hmm

    an article devoted to describing a few songs with 'autumn' in the title? does a slow news week really necessitate reverting to tactics of high school newspapers?

    answer: absolutely

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