The Varsity Show Cast, Crew: Revealed

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Meet the cast and chorus (they’re calling them the “principals” and the “ensemble,” but no matter) and design team of the 115th Annual Varsity Show! It looks like nary a cast or chorus member of the 114th Annual Varsity Show has returned. Traditionally, cast members are notified of their acceptance by being hit in the face with a pie by members of the Creative Team.


Patrick Blute CC ’12

Giselle Gastell CC ’09   

Emma Goidel BC ’12

Adam May CC ’11

Nina Pedrad CC ’11

Kendale Winbush CC ’11


Morgan Fletcher CC ’12

Yonatan Gebeyehu CC ’11

John Goodwin CC ’12

Nicole Lopez CC ’12

Jill Schackner BC ’11

Ricky Schweitzer CC ’11   

Emily Wallen BC ’11

Design Team

Artistic Director/Set Designer: Cayle Pietras

Assistant Art Director: Rachel Karp

Technical Director: Ajit Pillai

Assistant Technical Director: Alex Jinich

Lighting Designers: Andrew Balmer, Will Brown

Assistant Lighting Designer: Michael Chan

Sound Designer: Will Schuessler

Assistant Sound Designer: Lila Neiswanger

Costume/Hair/Make-Up Designers: Hilary baboukis, Halley Hair

Costumes/Hair/Make-Up Department: Jenny Johnson, Louisa Mink, Rebecca Usuro

Properties Designers: Kat Chan, Nikitha Yereddi

Assistant Set Designer: Elizabeth Rice

Master Carpenter: Dan Miranda

Scenic Artists: Channa Bao, Liz Pipal

Artistic Department: Antoinette Allen, Jin Chen, Jenny Johnson, Genevieve Liberatore, Scott Stewart, Mike Strickland, Steven Wong

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  1. Richard Deeping  

    Glad Kendale made it! He was my audition partner! My method is just to yell and rip my shirt off because I like when people pay attention to me! But he did an actual good audition! He will be good in the show!


  2. stop  

    trying to get on the 'favorite comments' section.
    its pathetic.

    • Richard Deeping  

      Nah dude I actually auditioned with Kendale and yelled every line and ripped my shirt off, as he or the creative team can verify. And he actually did a really good audition, as you can see by the fact that he has been cast in the show.

    • ...  

      Go fuck yourself. I tracked your comments on see you like giving people shit (ie post #8) if you had half a brain and referred to the email address you'd know that post #6 is posted by someone else. Stop giving Ves shit--it's old and I think he's proved you and the few other haters wrong. I don't even know where the hate came from... jealousy perhaps?

  3. Congratulations!  

    Congratulations to everyone!

  4. BTW  

    You guys didn't list Vesal Yazdi - on the site, he's listed as part of the Artistic Department.

  5. Yeahhhh!  

    What an amazing group of people!

  6. Alex S  

    Are costumes/makeup/hair seriously being done by someone named Halley Hair? It's either a typo or her birthright.

  7. congratulations  

    so young

  8. so long  

    you guys

    see you in may...

  9. Correction  

    It's actually spelled Jill Schackner, and she's BC'11.

  10. has  

    anyone noticed that there is nobody in the cast from 2010?

  11. wahooooo

    vshow cast be hottt

  12. yeah  

    what happened to sarah dooley? she was absolutely amazing last year, and i was hoping she would stay on.


    CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CAST/CHORUS/D-TEAM OF V115! Great group of fresh faces - have fun!

    • fresh faces?  

      Fresh faces? some, yes, but not all. Giselle Gastell, Yonatan Gebeyhu, and Ricky Schwitzer have all been in major CMTS productions before (Pippin, A New Brain, Tommy, Songs For A New World, Love Could Drive A Person Crazy.) In fact, Yonatan and Ricky saved Pippin from being a total mess and I have to say that I'm surprised that they or at least one of them didn't get a principal role in this. Anyone know how featured the ensemble will be this year?

  14. You mean..

    ...Principals? It's not Principles, Bwog.....what ever happened to a knowledge of English as a prerequisite?

  15. Apparently  

    substantially more so than in years past (or so the c-team has pointed out on several occasions).

  16. i know a guy  

    i heard that the reason they're calling it a cast of principles and ensembles instead of a cast and a chorus is because they want the ensemble to have a bigger role and for there to be less distinction between the two.

  17. oh.hello.there  

    why is everyone such a baby in show?
    so young. hopefully also so talented. we'll have to wait and see i guess...

    there is some major campus talent that's missing from this list, but meh that happens. and regardless, CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! very very exciting for all of you. best of luck.

  18. lbk  

    yay for giselle!! i can't wait to see her on stage belting her heart out-- maybe add in a saucy salsa for her?

  19. I Heart  

    Congrats! You're AMAZING

  20. yes we can

    put a black male lead in the varsity show!

  21. Master Carpenter  

    If there's anyone I would trust to handle his wood responsibly, it's the D. Congratulations.

  22. seriously?  

    one upperclassman? really? i know there were people who auditioned that are beyond qualified for not only the ensemble, but for principal roles. who exactly does the casting? not to take away from the accomplishments of those who won the roles above, but I feel like a few more experienced cast members wouldnt hurt...

  23. John and Pat!  

    I love those kids and their crazy antics! I'm glad to see them on this list.

  24. Yay  

    Behind the scenes! Rock on, guys!

  25. Congrats to all!  

    Principle is actually correct, as in a principle role, not a Principal of a school. They made the change in wording to promote the idea that everyone was in the "cast." And as far as the lack of upperclassman on the list, more years at Columbia does not guarantee more experience in theater at all.

  26. Right...  

    but, see, princiPAL can be used as an adjective for something along the lines of really important. PrinciPLE, in contrast, is only ever used as a noun, to refer to value-based rules, among a few other things. So, it would, in fact, be a principal role. That said...

    Congratulations to all of the cast!

  27. Wein 11  

    WOOO KENDALE. Wein 11 still loves you even though your crazy theater friends woke us all up at 3 am!

  28. johnpat  

    is one person. Just a theory.

  29. !!!  

    Nicole Lopez made it. She is the most awesome person ever.

  30. Yay!  

    Oh man. I am so excited for this.

  31. M-W 10

    Merriam-Webster's 10th Collegiate gets hilariously pissy over this: "Although nearly every handbook and many dictionaries warn against confusing principle and principal, many people still do....If you are unsure which noun you want, read the definitions in this dictionary."

    Snap. (It's principal.)

  32. Hey Bwog,

    No one in the theatre today calls them "cast" and "chorus." Its a company of actors, some of whom play principal roles.

  33. theater kid  

    The reason all the people in V-Show this year are young is that not many upperclassmen even auditioned. In other words, upperclassmen have ceased to give a shit about the Varsity Show. Because it's BORING.

    • ...  

      i wouldn't say that characterizes columbia students' attitude about the Varsity Show at all! doesn't it have SOLD OUT performances every year for an enormous auditorium of cheering students!? so don't be a hater, theater kid... if you don't want to see it, that's cool. there are plenty of enthusiastic upperclassmen and younger students who would love to have your ticket instead!! just don't be sour at the V-show on account of it not being up your alley... Seriously, with all the negative attitudes on campus, the V-show is one of the few things that aims simply to bring some laughter and playful satire to the campus body. Maybe it's not for everyone...but why bother complaining if it's not? Better to let those who do enjoy look forward to it! and those who don't to keep it tactfully to themselves...

  34. I  

    I had a dream i made out with emily wallen, it was amazing...kind of like how amazingly talented she is.

  35. my goal  

    is still to have Cayle's babies.

  36. Random  

    LOL, noone was from 2010 cuz I think we can all agree they're the a pretty shitty class, just like '08. It always skips a year so '09 and '11 are doing it big!!!!!! Hope '12 doesn't inherit the curse. Not that I care.

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