Meet the cast and chorus (they’re calling them the “principals” and the “ensemble,” but no matter) and design team of the 115th Annual Varsity Show! It looks like nary a cast or chorus member of the 114th Annual Varsity Show has returned. Traditionally, cast members are notified of their acceptance by being hit in the face with a pie by members of the Creative Team.


Patrick Blute CC ’12

Giselle Gastell CC ’09   

Emma Goidel BC ’12

Adam May CC ’11

Nina Pedrad CC ’11

Kendale Winbush CC ’11


Morgan Fletcher CC ’12

Yonatan Gebeyehu CC ’11

John Goodwin CC ’12

Nicole Lopez CC ’12

Jill Schackner BC ’11

Ricky Schweitzer CC ’11   

Emily Wallen BC ’11

Design Team

Artistic Director/Set Designer: Cayle Pietras

Assistant Art Director: Rachel Karp

Technical Director: Ajit Pillai

Assistant Technical Director: Alex Jinich

Lighting Designers: Andrew Balmer, Will Brown

Assistant Lighting Designer: Michael Chan

Sound Designer: Will Schuessler

Assistant Sound Designer: Lila Neiswanger

Costume/Hair/Make-Up Designers: Hilary baboukis, Halley Hair

Costumes/Hair/Make-Up Department: Jenny Johnson, Louisa Mink, Rebecca Usuro

Properties Designers: Kat Chan, Nikitha Yereddi

Assistant Set Designer: Elizabeth Rice

Master Carpenter: Dan Miranda

Scenic Artists: Channa Bao, Liz Pipal

Artistic Department: Antoinette Allen, Jin Chen, Jenny Johnson, Genevieve Liberatore, Scott Stewart, Mike Strickland, Steven Wong