Intrepid photographer/Columbia Dem Nancy Huemer took about a thousand photos down in Virginia. She sent along her favorites from the trip, presented in chronological order (and with silly captions).

The van considers a stop at the local Cracker Barrel.


Judy Feder introduces herself through “large-hand” gesticulation.


 As the morning dawns, the warriors prepare for walking.

“And that’s why we all should buy timeshares!”

All hailed the victor of the massive “King of the Hill” game.


“Excuse me, ma’am, but have you ever considered the advantages of owning a really fine set of encyclopedias?”


“Hmmm, this seems like a good place to take a scenic phot-HEY! STOP RUNNING THROUGH MY PICTURES!”

Last known photo.

Yes, it was as cheesy a moment as it looks.

Other side reads “Will brake for votes.”

“Mmmm, yes…intriguing. Where did they get this lovely table?”


This family loves subtelty.

This photo appears to have been taken when the jazz group was on its fifth forced encore. Clearly, the crowd is enthused.

“Senator! Senator! Call on me!”