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Don’t Accidentally Cancel Out Your Own Vote

Guard the link to your NROTC survey with your life, as that link that was emailed to you this morning is a personalized link. What this strangely inefficient system means is that if someone clicks your link, they can change your vote.

Of course, this is only coming to light after numerous students group leaders have forwarded their survey emails to groupmembers with the intention of encouraging others to vote.  But don’t feel silly! Bwog posted our link earlier today too, before being gently reminded by a member of CCSC that someone had probably already changed our vote several times over.

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  • barnard says:

    @barnard can vote. it’s in Ebear under “announcements”

  • tipster says:

    @tipster want to change someone else’s vote? Just clear your cookies and then change the id number in your URL to something else and delete the wem part. Whee

    1. fff says:

      @fff wait, does that really work? someone needs to get on that one state.
      FUCKING student council. typical.

    2. JDS says:

      @JDS It certainly appears to work that way. They need to redo this as UNI login, in a much more secure system than surveysays.

  • wait says:

    @wait can barnard vote? i didn’t get an email.

    1. wait some more says:

      @wait some more can grad students vote? Since they aren’t employees and all.

  • yeahwtf says:

    @yeahwtf yeah at first it looked like it would count votes multiple times, but apparently it just allows you to change your vote until the polls are closed

    scared me for a second

  • common sense says:

    @common sense What a stupid design. They should have used a survey via UNI login.

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