Ooh, what’s going on over at Fox News? Much the same thing that’s happening here, in fact! It’s a debate about ROTC at Columbia, with a special Fox twist. And by “twist”, we mean that they chose a photo of a 1972 student riot to accompany the article.

But no matter, let’s see what the Good Ship Fox has to add to the matter. Well, for one, they talked to Avi Edelman, he of the Dems and EAAH. “I think we need to say, ‘No, we’re not gonna bring it back right now because of discrimination. Let’s work to end “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” on a federal level. Let’s make sure people know what our objection is and then let’s fix it,'” Edelman said.

Arguing the opposite is Spec columnist/CUGOP leader/Republican-About-Campus Lauren Salz, who said that “only half of the Ivy League institutions have ROTC on their campuses and I think that needs to change. Our university’s going to be a force for change in making the military more diverse.”

Whether you fall on the Salzian or Edelmanian side of the spectrum (or somewhere in between), don’t forget to vote and then tell us all about it.

UPDATE 7:51 PM: There’s also a video report.