Editor Eliza Shapiro votes in Manhattan Valley this morning and recounts her adventures.

 Bwog arrived at PS 145 on 105th and Amsterdam early this morning to cast our vote and was immediately confronted with non-political myriad choices: the school was hosting a bake sale outside the doors of the cafeteria-turned-polling-place. The cafeteria was crowded but our particular district’s line was blissfully short. Bwog waited in line only about ten minutes and in true Upper West Side fashion, ran into our entire apartment building. A neighbor informed us that she has voted at PS 145 for forty years and never seen it so crowded. Another told us that when he voted at the school in 2004, a registered Republican showed up and the voting assistant exclaimed, “we got one!” Finally having cast our ballot, Bwog breathed a sigh of relief when we overheard a rumor that the 86th Street polling spot had three-block-long lines.