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Obama Mania on Broadway

At least a hundred people turned up in the middle of Broadway at 115th to celebrate the results of tonight’s election.  Chants of “Obama” — and non-specialized screaming — were aplenty.  Every time silence struck, someone would leap up on top of light posts and garbage cans to start the chants over again.

The NYPD, smiling, allowed the celebrations to continue for at least 20 minutes before beginning to break it up: “Either that way, or that way, that’s where you’re going.  Keep it moving!”

An anonymous tipster has told Bwog that a man in a white shirt, possibly with the NYPD, told the officers trying to break it up to stop, and they turned away “sheepishly.

UPDATE, 12:55 AM: Bwog is told the party has moved uptown to 125th.

More photos and another video after the jump.





    Above photos and video by Anish Bramhandkar


Above photos by Hans E Hyttinen

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  • Amazing says:

    @Amazing That was one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen. I have never before seen so many people so happy and optimistic.

    I will never forget the sense of power and hope that were displayed in the streets last night.

  • YES! says:

    @YES! It was beautiful

  • CC '08 in Israel says:

    @CC '08 in Israel I WISH I COULD BE IN NY YORK RIGHT NOW!!!! Looks amazing. My night of watching election results at an American bar in Tel Aviv (and staying up until 8am here to watch the speech…) PALES in comparison. I MISS YOU, NY!


  • A. Nobler says:

    @A. Nobler I can no longer use the line “Never have I ever seen Democrats celebrate in the street” to avoid drinking.

  • 100 people? says:

    @100 people? bit of an understatement

  • 125th says:

    @125th street has been a party all night Bwog. The one on campus pales in comparison.

  • arghhh says:

    @arghhh Plimpton fire alarm been going off for over 30 minutes.

  • 125th says:

    @125th Bwog, the party didn’t move to 125th, it was there the whole time, your lame ass just didn’t get there on time.

  • Obama lover says:

    @Obama lover He’s amazing but who wrote his speech for tonight?

    The mantra of “Yes we can’s” sounded like some kind of Baptist revival…

    1. actually says:

      @actually i got that feeling too. but it was still effing amazingggg.

    2. ... says:

      @... that’s right, obama = jesus!!

  • that is says:

    @that is a brilliant banner, bwog.

    YES WE CAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • WOOOOHOOOO says:


  • the main says:

    @the main columbia page doesn’t have anything like “CC ’83 Wins Presidency”.

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