Some heavy (and not-so-heavy) hitting faculty came out in the Spec today endorsing NROTC’s presence on campus. Bwog is inquiring into the genesis of the list–mostly male–and will update as information becomes available. The ad ran as follows, with editorial notes in italics:

“We broadly support the return of ROTC to Columbia University — some of us unconditionally, others if legislation prohibiting military service by open homosexuals is reformed, and/or provision made for faculty control of appointments, curriculum and credit.  We all believe, in principle, that an ROTC program at Columbia is an appropriate
jacksoneducational responsibility of the university.”


Michael Adler (School of Business)

Mark H. Anders (Earth and Environmental Sciences)

James H. Applegate (Astronomy, and co-chair of the 2005 University Senate committee on ROTC)

Richard T. Betts (Political Science)

Paul Duby (School of Engineering)

Eugene Galanter (Psychology, Emeritus)

Kenneth T. Jackson (History)

stand columbia
Mark Kesselman (Political Science, Emeritus)

Robert A. McCaughey (History, Barnard, author of Columbia history Stand Columbia)

Letty Moss-Salentijn (College of Dental Medicine)

Richard M. Pious (Political Science, Barnard)

Robert Y. Shapiro (Political Science, Director of the Institute for Social and Economic Research and Policy (ISERP))

Allan Silver (Sociology)