This week’s events promise to be sequentially nail-biting, shocking, fascinating, and slightly scary.


Election Day: The College Democrats and Republicans will have watch parties, and so will pretty much everyone Bwog knows.  We’ll even cover some of that.  Eveningish @ all over the country.


Blackwater: J. Cofer Black, VP of the infamous mercenary corporation, will be speaking.  No matter what he says, it ought to be an interesting event, considering Columbia’s political leanings.  Bwog will be covering this event.  8:00 PM @ Lerner Cinema.


Mind, Memory, and the Actor: Oliver Sacks is at it again, this time on identity and neurology in the mind of an actor.  6:00 PM @ Miller.


Scary Sushi Night: CJS will have all-you-can eat sushi for $7.  Bwog isn’t sure what’s scary about that.  7:00 PM & 8:00 PM @ Party Space.