QuickJest: Green Edition

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A new issue of the Jester is out today, which you should find distributed around campus. This month’s “Green”-themed issue can also be on read on the Jester’s brand-new website, and is chock-full of lol-inducing articles, including…

a consideration of what it means to be a nihilist publication in this day and age,

a reunion with all of the Cartoon Network characters you loved when you were 12 and probably still love,

a 2-page spread of Gumby (you know, because he’s green and everything) in various compromising positions,

a list of how to make your pick-up lines more environmentally friendly,

and a slew of fake ads and miscellany.

Plus, they make fun of Al Gore! Enjoy.



  1. wow

    There are some horrible grammar mistakes in there. But still funny.

  2. Hey  

    Yo man, I've tried "The Pumpkin" and let me say... it ain't nuttin' like that.

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