Nick the Quick and the Weekly Standard, the Most Curious of Friends

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Bwog received word today that the famed conservative periodical, the Weekly Standard has published in its most recent issue an adamant critique of Columbia’s Manhattanville expansion, on ideological grounds opposed to eminent domain.  Not only is fair alma featured in the piece as an unyielding slumlord, but another surprising character makes a curious appearance.

What Bwog found more peculiar than the Standard’s bashing of the expansion plan, was the flowery description of Columbia’s most notorious opponent, who is showered with praise throughout the article. Nick Sprayregen, of mini-storage empire fame makes a prominent appearance throughout journalist Jonathan Last’s (you might know him best for his famous eulogy of Captain America) piece, and it seems to focus almost exclusively on Sprayregen’s multifarious options if he refuses to sell his land to Columbia rather than offering any other serious arguments against the Manhattanville expansion. 

This left Bwog to wonder if Sprayregen and recently-troubled conservative intellectuals are the newest and strangest of bedfellows?  If so, what further twists lie ahead in Nick the Quick’s Columbian saga?  We’ll leave that one up to you to decide.


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  1. courseworks  

    is down!!!!!! send help! send help!!

  2. What do you

    call it when white people invade a traditionally black neighborhood?

    Eminem domain!

  3. William F Buckley  

    You are aware that I founded the National Review, and that William Kristol founded the Weekly Standard, right?

  4. well

    I was wondering how long this would take. Sprayregen's position shouldn't be sympathetic to most of the community activists on and around campus. His only concern is making sure he maximizes the return on his investment in property in manhattanville - and he sees that as the development of condos to take advantage of the forthcoming gentrification of the neighborhood.

    His position is a perfect posterchild for libertarians and classic conservatives. It's all about preservation of property rights.

    If anything, it should be the college republicans at the front lines of the Manhattanville-protest-crowd, since Sprayregen is the biggest landowner left.

    • Alum

      There's nothing wrong with trying to maximize his return. The problem is that he is falsely claiming to be a champion of his community when he is really just looking out for himself. I would have a lot more respect for him if he admitted that this is what he's doing.

      • yes

        That's kind of what I was getting at. Playing the community spokesman and martyr is incredibly disingenuous. His interests are very different from the gas station owners, I think.

  5. yup  

    Seizing land for the greater good of the country is clearly socialism, in a twisted sort of way. So basically, no one supports Manhattanville really. I mean students are pro-expansion, but only students in groups really feel the effect of the space crunch

  6. Sarcasmometer

    Yes, just undergrads in the SGO space suffer. There are no the space crunches for grad students, researchers, and officeless instructors.

    But yeah it is Socialism for the Rich.

  7. pro-expansion  

    nick the quick can suck my dick

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