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varziBwog knows that you are “writing” your 25 page papers and “studying” for your heap of exams, so we came up with a little procrastination contest (and you don’t even have to open any extra Firefox tabs).  Just search your professors on Facebook (yes, we know you have it open) and post your favorites on the thread, with reasons defending your choices.  Bwog has a few examples.

French Lecturer Vincent Aurora has activities such as “Gesticulating bombastically over a few too many drinks” and status messages like “Vincent has survived 13 consecutive days alone with his children–an unparalleled feat–with no fatalities.”

Logician Achille Varzi, because his profile picture is inexplicably upside-down and he is in a group called ‘metaphysicists’ not ‘metaphysicians’.

Computer Scientist Paul Blaer‘s profile has pictures of him holding a machine gun, and he even has his own (well-deserved) fan club group.

Historian Samuel Moyn, because for Education Info, under description, he wrote: “I teach college.”  He’s also in the greatest Facebook group of all time.

Jeffrey Sachs, because his “About Me” is written in the third person.

English Professor Brent Edwards, because his current status is “Brent Edwards is trying to decide whether to write recommendation letters or pay bills.

Russian Professor Rebecca Stanton, because she’s a fan of Sarah Dooley and so are we.

CC Chair Roosevelt Montas, because he has two nearly identical profile pictures: as Bwog likes to call them, Office Hours by Day and Office Hours by Night.

English Professor Julie Crawford, because it’s not clear whether she’s wearing a shirt in her profile picture.

UPDATE 5:23 PM: Professors Montas and Stanton have noticed!

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  1. SAL  

    Anthropology Professor Paige West for the following reasons:
    -Her photo is adorable
    -Her political views say: "Hope (for the first time since 1991)"
    -She often uses the application "Shite Gifts for Academics" (the list of gifts is too numerous to list)
    -Her favorite quotations includes an excellent one from Say Anything, which relates to her field of study, that is, consumption theory

  2. varzi's fbook groups  


    The Bertrand Russell group for people who aren't a member of a group


    Royal Society for Putting Things on top of Other Things

  3. Diatonic Professor  

    Marlon Feld.

    In his pictures, he's in an album entitled "Cosby Sweater Party," and takes the cake for wearing the ugliest sweater there.

  4. FoS Professor  

    Stuart Gill because in two of his three pictures he's brandishing some kind of sharp object with a menacing look, while in the other picture he's looking lovingly at another man.

  5. Hands down,  

    Nicholas Christie-Blick.

    His about me begins: "Rock star. Sedentary geologist. Long-time member of the Columbia faculty. And very likely the least-cool facebook entry in the history of digital bonding."

    His profie also includes a note called "Hockey Mama for Obama" and self-deprecating comments on almost all photos he is tagged in about how his class doesn't pay attention to him.

  6. I'd also

    like to add that every one of Rebecca Stanton's statuses are about how much she hates teaching.

  7. well  

    I think Julie Crawford wins by default.

  8. LOVE  

    Oh man vincent aurora. He's threatened to make his facebook private at least 10 times, because his students keep ridiculing him about it. it's cool, though, because he's that ridiculous in real life, too.

  9. emw  

    Brent Edwards is such a dreamboat.

  10. BME Prof  

    Andreas Hielscher. This guy is such a hardass, and his profile is just a little...awkward. He has an album called "Me Myself I" that are just headshots of him. He has a note that says simply "Well - where shall I start ..." ??

    Additionally, he has the "Hug Me" application ..

  11. dmitry zakharov  

    Ok, he's not a professor yet, but he's in a group called "People who promise to name their first child "Ceaseless Aggression."" Plus he was voted by his friends as the person who can drink the most and this

  12. alum

    How could you forget Sha-bee-yay? (xavier sala-i-martin). It's all about the music

  13. 3 comments  

    1) Sam Moyn is amazing. He should win because he lists his screen name in facebook. Wanna chat with Sam Moyn?

    2) Achille Varzi implored our logic class not to ask him questions about exams via facebook.

    3) What about Melissa Schwartzberg? She's in a group against banning photos of breast feeding and she describes her politics and religious beliefs as "culturally stereotypical"

  14. varzi  

    how did he write his current status upside down?

  15. hey  

    it's professor montas not professor roosevelt.

  16. writing upside-down  

    isn't all too hard once you figure it out...

  17. vincent  

    aurora is the best french teacher EVER

  18. UMMM

    UMMM everyone is forgetting about the hottest of hot anthro teachers, severin fowles, whose facebook includes pictures of him dressed up in a black (possibly with chaps? hopefully assless) cowboy outfit. its pretty much the best thing i've ever seen. he also has his very own facebook fanclub -- "severely enamored with sev"

  19. obvi  

    nicholas dames, who responds to friend requests with shocking speed.

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