varziBwog knows that you are “writing” your 25 page papers and “studying” for your heap of exams, so we came up with a little procrastination contest (and you don’t even have to open any extra Firefox tabs).  Just search your professors on Facebook (yes, we know you have it open) and post your favorites on the thread, with reasons defending your choices.  Bwog has a few examples.

French Lecturer Vincent Aurora has activities such as “Gesticulating bombastically over a few too many drinks” and status messages like “Vincent has survived 13 consecutive days alone with his children–an unparalleled feat–with no fatalities.”

Logician Achille Varzi, because his profile picture is inexplicably upside-down and he is in a group called ‘metaphysicists’ not ‘metaphysicians’.

Computer Scientist Paul Blaer‘s profile has pictures of him holding a machine gun, and he even has his own (well-deserved) fan club group.

Historian Samuel Moyn, because for Education Info, under description, he wrote: “I teach college.”  He’s also in the greatest Facebook group of all time.

Jeffrey Sachs, because his “About Me” is written in the third person.

English Professor Brent Edwards, because his current status is “Brent Edwards is trying to decide whether to write recommendation letters or pay bills.

Russian Professor Rebecca Stanton, because she’s a fan of Sarah Dooley and so are we.

CC Chair Roosevelt Montas, because he has two nearly identical profile pictures: as Bwog likes to call them, Office Hours by Day and Office Hours by Night.

English Professor Julie Crawford, because it’s not clear whether she’s wearing a shirt in her profile picture.

UPDATE 5:23 PM: Professors Montas and Stanton have noticed!