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Today, Saturday Morning Cartoons brings you refreshingly apolitical humor.  In fact, today’s offering hits quite close to home for the co-ed set.  Enjoy!


“Room, board, books, and tuition – I draw the line at corkage fees.”

By Danny Shanahan from The New Yorker


“If we’re going to friends with benefits, I want health and dental.”

By William Haefeli from The New Yorker

By Roz Chast from The New Yorker

“Everybody’s getting together after work to do some more work – you in?”

By P.C. Vey from The New Yorker

‘Darwinian Socialism – by God, we may be onto something.”

By Charles Barsotti from The New Yorker

“Do you want to reconsider that move – or shall I bring back the big pawn?”

By Jack Ziegler from The New Yorker

“You mean all this time you’ve been laughing at me – not with me?”

By Tom Cheney from The New Yorker

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  1. What do you  

    call it when your university charges you twice the expected amount?


  2. What do

    you call a teacher who's been fired?

    A-junked professor!

  3. What do you  

    get when you keep making awful puns?

    A punch in the genitals!

  4. Good job,  

    Bwog. These are really good this week.

    • yes  

      Good job Bwog. Because you came up with the cartoons and didn't just link to something we can all read for ourselves (and many of us do).
      It's nice, but c'mon, they didn't "do" anything. These posts are getting kind of lame. If you don't have content, you don't have content; don't just copy/paste stories and cartoons from Gawker and the New Yorker and call them posts.
      And beyond that, most of the New Yorker's cartoons are pretty weak.

  5. hmm  

    in response to #6 -- i like the cartoons. nice to have them in one place. keep it up, bwog!

  6. these are good  

    thanks, Bwog

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