1. what do you  

    call it when you urinate in egypt?


  2. oh shit  

    it's aimed right at alma mater

  3. the  

    linked article doesn't work

  4. *sigh*  

    Why must we turn the magic of the year's first (real) snow into something obscene?

    I enjoyed feeling like a little kid in the snow for a little while...

  5. observe  

    the incredible precision of these artists... the testicles are so perfectly circular.

  6. this somehow

    makes me feel so much better about life.

  7. confused...  

    not nearly enough snow tonight to build that. that mus be from another year.

  8. nope  

    saw it myself...definitely from this year.

  9. random  

    I wonder how many Columbia girls have not seen a real penis before...We all know where the Barnard girls stand.

  10. oversexed?  

    A giant vagina in Carman followed by a giant penis on the lawns. What could possibly be next? Giant breasts?

  11. giant breasts  


  12. Anonymous  

    this was done by me Jonathan Bubar, John Jay 1025

  13. Girl with umbrella  

    I saw him do it!

  14. Wow  

    Simply beautiful. This picture brought a tear to my eye.p

  15. this just  

    reminds that Christmas is really for everyone

  16. Wait till  

    Fox news gets a load of this.

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