NROTC Ends Not With a Bang, But a Whimper

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When released last Monday, it was unclear how the NROTC results would affect the University Senate proceeding with the issue. Not only were the results controversially tallied, but they were not broken down for three of the four schools (Barnard being the exception). 

However, Council and Senate sources confirm to Bwog that NROTC will not even be presented to the Senate. Whether individual school results will be released for CC, SEAS, and GS is still unknown.

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  1. This is  

    what I have been saying all along. This whole exercise was fruitless and divisive, because there was never anything consequential on the end of it. If the vote had gone in favor of NROTC, the SEAS Senator would have made an issue of it next year. It didn't, so he will disregard the results.

  2. hahaha  

    that's hilarious.

  3. Curious  

    Also, does the University Senate even determine this kind of thing anyway? I mean, doesn't the President's or the Provost's office make the decision and have the final say on any kind of inter-school program? Since when did the Senate determine which academic programs are taught on campus, anyway?

  4. m4f  

    anyone want to hook up? i'm on butler 5

    bwog: you should start a hookup service during finals

  5. Wow  

    These douche bags like to feel like they're so important, but I think that this event proves one thing: student government doesn't do anything of even mild importance. They all just pad their resumes, while waiting for grad school. I can almost guarantee that every member of student gov. is applying to some sort of grad school, and this will be at the top of their list. They should really put, "I pretended to do important things while walking around with a false sense of importance." way to waste time assholes. Thanks for doing something that was never in your job description

  6. EAL  

    Damn shame it had to go this way. It's amazing how woefully ignorant of the military the anti-ROTC crowd was, and yet they still prevailed. Sure, several people made the whole referendum to be about DADT, but I suspect that for many others, the whole DADT argument was really more of a proxy for conveying a general anti-military attitude. If you heard the arguments the anti-ROTC people made (including that girl who called soldiers "killing machines" and Andrew Lyubarsky's disgusting column in the Spec this week), it's clear that far too many people at this campus just despise the military. They convey their own political beliefs and hatred of the Bush administration on everything the military does and for which it stands. I think these students would stand to gain quite a bit from some exposure to other viewpoints, as would the entire Columbia community.

    • Dear EAL  

      Shut the fuck up.
      everyone who is not EAL.

    • Agreed  

      True that! The anti-military types are nuts. They may be truly supportive of gay rights, but mostly they just use DADT as a front so they can avoid talking about why they really don't like the military. The real reason is usually some combination of fear, elitism, and inability to recognized that Yes, the United States requires a military to defend itself from tyrants who would take away our freedoms in an instant.

      • which is....  

        Which is totally what we're doing in Iraq right now! Defending ourselves against those oppressive Iraqis who take away our freedoms by not giving us their oil!

        • You are  

          a typical self righteous liberal fool. If you had any sense you would realize that the Iraq is very strategically important. When the current Saudi Gov. falls (which it will) it will be replaced by an Islamist regime that makes Iran look like a haven of tolerance and human rights. Having a base in Iraq would allow us to quickly step in when the time comes. But, maybe that's not important to you...

  7. GSer  

    You forgot one thing that student government DOES do well... they take our student activity fees and spend it on themselves. GSSC's biggest expense was some $7000 weekend in Montauk for itself. Sounds like this needs an investigation or something to me! Are they accountable to anyone?

  8. woohoo  

    for councils never doing shit! ever!

  9. Sad

    How NROTC would not affect 99% of people on campus, and almost certainly would not affect the people fighting the hardest for/against it.

    Yet this is Columbia, where everyone is always fucking protesting about something that has nothing to do with him.

    • What is your  

      problem. If ROTC wouldn't affect you then you should have voted yes. Why must you take opportunities away from others.
      The Archery team probably affects less than 1% of campus, so should we ban them?

      You people are really disgusting.

      • mmm  

        yes, and the archery team violates our anti-discrimination policy by discriminating against non-archers.

        Nice parallel there. Seriously, excellently done.

        • Actually...  

          the Archery team doesn't allow men. I think that is pretty discriminatory. Any sex can join NROTC. Gays can even join NROTC, they just can't go bragging about their sexual preference, and contrary to some opinions, THE MILITARY IS NOT THE PLACE TO PARADE YOUR SEXUALITY.

          You people seriously have some type of mental problem, some type of complex.

  10. When DADT ends

    I wonder what will happen with the ROTC issue at Columbia when President Obama (knock on wood) ends DADT.

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