Happening Now: Schermerhorn Evacuated

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Prolific tipster Jason Patinkin has just reported that a pipe has burst on the tenth floor of Schermerhorn, resulting in the evacuation of the building.

“Thankfully, the building is filled with environmental scientists well equipped to deal with such hydrological catastrophes,” Patinkin rationalized in this time of crisis. 

UPDATE 3:33 PM: According to a second tipster, the burst pipe makes the 10th floor of the Extension look “like a thunder storm.” Our tiptser sends reports of “guys running around in the Extension shutting off breakers, etc. and at least a dozen public safety guys all over the place.”

UPDATE 4:40 PM: The Extension remains closed, with several classes already having decamped to Schaprio and Fayerweather. Public Safety people are standing at all the doors, telling students it will be “closed for awhile.” Bwog hopes no one left anything important inside – it’s only exam period.

UPDATE 4:58 PM: VP for Public Safety James McShane announces that “all of today’s remaining classes are being relocated or cancelled.” Full email after the jump.

Dear All,

There has been significant flooding in the Schermerhorn Extension this afternoon resulting in its evacuation. As a result, this building is not accessible. Therefore, all of today’s remaining classes are being relocated or cancelled.  Please contact your Academic Department or professor for additional details on classes.   Classes in Schermerhorn Hall have not been affected by this situation.  Thank you!

Jim McShane

James F. McShane 

Vice President for Public Safety

Columbia University


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  1. hopefully  

    my class will be cancelled.

  2. Shit is crazy  

    quoteth one e3b employee "there's probably over $150,000 of damage to lab equipment"

  3. They  

    Also found asbestos is Schermerhorn, all over a fourth floor office.


  4. haha

    I appreciate the photo Bwog.

  5. Do I have to go?  

    Is the building still closed?

  6. JDS  

    Why did Public Safety send this out over their listserv? The CUVMC server is deliberately slow; it distributes the emails over a few hours so as not to overload the server. Isn't this type of situation what the text message alerts are supposed to be used for?

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