The Great Hibernation Begins

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An hour of strolling through Butler these days is generally a fruitless mission: you are not guaranteed even one lonesome seat. Your classmates have resorted to cozy nooks on the floor, windowsills, and perches along the main stairwell to spread out their research and write papers, or drown themselves in textbook photocopies for finals prep.

Bwog has offered you several Butler-alternatives and little-known study spots in the past: check out our reviews of The Andrew Heiskell Braille and Talking Book Library, the Math and Science Library, the Social Work Library, the TC Library, and Lincoln Center’s Performing Arts Library.

Also, the Columbia Library mafia also has some vague interest in helping you out this week! Extended hours for all the campus’ libraries and Lerner are posted here. Best of luck, its only Monday! 

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  1. tell me more  

    about "these days," bwog:

    An hour of strolling through Butler these days is generally a fruitless mission these days

  2. Anonymous  

    these days bwog is making a lot of typos these days.

  3. red  

    links don't work.

    also, why can't all of butler be 24 hours?? there's not nearly enough space.

  4. Jew Crew  

    Butler Smells - Come to Hillel! (Open until 2am for finals.)

  5. Anonymous  

    Wouldn't be so bad at Butler if people did not stake out a space and then vanish for an hour (or more)at a time. Yesterday I saw someone borrow a stack of books from a friend, park them on a desk and then disappear for a long long time in a full reading room. It is me or is the problem getting worse? Is there no civility left on campus?

  6. Alum08

    Ugh, the camping is back...

    All of Butler can't be 24 hours because of various issues. Too many valuable books + filthy litter, raucous students, and theft = can't have ALL of Butler open.

    It's going to be a matter of time until CU Libraries gets aggressive and kicks campers out of Butler.

    Thoughts, guys?

    • well...  

      I think you are an alum... and shouldn't be worrying about campers in Butler anymore. Don't you have a life in the real world that matters a bit more than that?

      • Alum08

        True, but this was something I worked with Libraries to fix, so it's more of a concern that I really can't do much about now.

        And thanks for checking if I have a life, that's really nice of you.

  7. well...  

    clearly you did a good job fixing it...

  8. Alum08

    Thanks for the sarcasm, asswipe

  9. well i think  

    alum 08= sumeet shah

  10. Alum08

    The truth comes out...

    But seriously, how in the world do campers still exist if students can now move ppls stuff (and not get in trouble doing it, of course if the stuff's been there for a WHILE)?
    People, you have Public Safety on your side. Seriously.

  11. wait?  

    sumeet? dont you have a job? why are you posting on bwog at 1:33 pm?

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