Name That Trailer!: Cupid

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We’ve received a few questions about the trailers on 111th and 110th between Broadway and Riverside. Bwog’s Best Boy and Key Grip Jon Hill scoped out the scene, and he reports that they’re for a new ABC network TV series called Cupid, which stars “Vince” from Will & Grace as a “modern day” Cupid. Eh.

So now you know, etc.!

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  1. what  

    you do realize that the series was just created by a guy named "rob thomas" and doesn't star the dude from matchbox 20, right?

  2. pfft  

    you changed your story. now my comment is irrelevant. THANKS, BWOG.

  3. ...  

    i think the government is paying off abc to intentionally make really bad tv to try and increase productivity.

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