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Yesterday we posted a LitHum study guide in limerick form. Today, we move on to CC, where we’ve summarized some texts as text messages. Leave your own creations in the comments. 

Machiavelli’s The Prince

U wnt pwr? akwr ur state by ne meenz necesry n mak sur ur feerd n not luvd.  crush ur enmys qick n nvr use foran rmyz. ps. giv me a job, plz.

Plato’s The Republic

Socrates + ppl @ athens tlk abt jstice theory of govt. theory of philo., theory of forms (rem, cave allegory!). s’s goal is an ordered polis; in end S thinks philo.kings RULEZ (4 realz).

Locke’s Second Treatise

ok its like, u have ur private property u have ur strong legislative branch now STFU


What is urs is urs, screw every1 else.


Dnt wry, b happy.

St. Augustine’s City of God

2 cities – in 1, chrstin values > rthly plesures, in 1, opposite. they fight.

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    things we did not read: oedipus, kuhn, epictetus

    awesome job bwog! not.

    • oh shut up  

      and stop taking yourself so seriously.

      this was clearly intended to make people laugh, and it did that for this reader. so please, get out of that chair in butler that you've been sitting at for 3 days straight, take a shower, sleep a couple of hours, and RELAX!

  2. Machiavelli  

    really looks like a weasel.

  3. butlerer  

    you forgot: hobbes' leviathan, descartes' discourse on method, and luther's protestant reformation....bwog i need you how am i supposed to pass without you!!!!

  4. Epictetus  

    Is my favorite CC author.

    I am going to go sleep on my floor, bye.

  5. texting like  

    my mom does.

    seriously, i dont think anyone has written like that since we were 12-year olds, amazed by AOL and new pubic hair.

  6. and also  

    By your Mom's pubic hair.

    "Plz b my tdpole-- 4rlz. Luvz, Pam."

  7. luther  

    "liek fuk u catholic church - we can hve religion thats prsnal -- k?? i can intrprt teh bible w/o u"


    so when is orgo night ACTUALLY happening? events calendar on the right says 11:29 pm tonight; facebook event says 11:55 pm tonight. which is it?

  9. Its at  

    12. I promise. But get there early so you can see/hear!

  10. Descartes  

    Descartes Meditations:
    i is wht i is cause i can thnk. & God is 2 cause hes perfct. if God is, thn evrythng is. but y tf do i still fck up??

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