FedEx: Navel Gazey Edition

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The semester’s last issue of
The Fed is out online!

Advice for when you go home

Chanukkah vs. Christmas

Some vacation possibilities

Courses you do not want to take

Always remember, kids: when you ask the Blue and White‘s blog to link to you, leave out that you’ve made fun of us

And congratulations to the Fed’s new masthead!

E-I-C: Rachel Paige Katz

Publisher: Benjamin Ehrlich

Managing Editor: Nina Pedrad

Head Submissions Editors: Aarti Iyer and Jeffrey Scharfstein.

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  1. hha  

    the b&w parody is amazing. brilliant.

  2. down with the fed!  

    put an end to this paper and its terribleness!

  3. when is the  

    B and W coming out?

  4. i like it!

    Can you print this one instead of Verily Veritas? It just reads better. You know, more truthful.

  5. this  

    was surprisingly mildly amusing. usually the fed is shitty beyond comparison.

  6. coogan

    dude. i am about to drop serious bombs on columbia.

    how's about a settlement to the tune of one-eighth their estimated endowment fund? It'd only be fair, considering the NYPD or CUPS took an eighth of orange-haze sticky-icky from my room without reporting it to those in charge of the case.

    fee fie foe fum. i smell the blood of an englushmun.

  7. coogan

    just to clear any misconceptions that may be happening: i am verily voluble.

    tom riddle ain't got shit on me, man.

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