Free Pizza and Red Bull in McBain Lounge

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CCSC 2011 President Learned Foote writes to let us know that the council is celebrating the end of today’s CC exam with pizza and Red Bull (“for renewed studying”) in McBain Lounge today at 5 p.m. 

“It’s primarily for sophomores, but if happy first-years want to join us,

then that’s cool.”

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  1. BWOG!  

    i have an idea for a pre-new years post. why don't you list your top 5 most-commented-on posts? it would give those of us trying to procrastinate a lot of reading and commenting...just a thought.

  2. i like pizza  

    good pizza, got 5 slices.

    THANKS CCSC 2011!

  3. Anonymous  

    if I have to hear one more thing about Learned Foote I will shoot myself

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