Competitive Suffering: Only at Columbia

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Bwog’s received the following photos of students who’ve “camped out in the boardrooms on the 5th floor of Lerner for days on end.” These people, who apparently moonlight as Red Bull company employees, believe that their misery rivals that of their Butler-bound peers.

If you think your study space is better/worse, send us the photos to prove it and we’ll add to this post. Winner will receive our condolences. 



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  1. wow  

    there is no need to be that ridiculous.. everyone needs to chill.

  2. wtf  

    that red bull in the 2nd pic is diff, is it imported

  3. hmm  

    is that flavor good?

    also, How can people concentrate with such a MESS around?! I am a tad OCD but having messay slobby shit everywhere and people getting sick around me would definitely not help in studying.

  4. hahaha  

    oh, us.

    to be fair, there's very little studying that happens in that board room. there is, however, lots of failblog and lady gaga. today we decorated the room for one of our birthdays, and then skateboarded in lerner.

  5. Title  

    Win. Good going, Bwog.

    People here are like characters straight out of "The Breakfast Club," all competing for bragging rights to the Worst Life Ever.

  6. question  

    I'm in SEAS, so I don't get this. When my SEAS friends and I get together to study we...seriously get together to study. We bring food, sit in a lounge, and actually study efficiently in a group. It's tough material, and sometimes a study session can last 6-8 hours, but it never requires us to camp out anywhere.

    Question: what the FUCK are you guys doing?

    • uhhh  

      So if I went in Butler right now I'm find no one from SEAS? It's all CC kids? Wow I had no idea.

      • no, fool  

        you will see SEAS kids come in, study, and then leave. we don't bring our George Foreman grills and water coolers and bedding with us to the library.

        • stupid seas  

          with your generalities. so, if i reframed it as, "i won't see any tables with orgo, mech engineering, etc. books on them because someone is camping," you would say no, i wouldn't? let's not pretend that seas kids don't camp - you're just being ridiculous.

          that being said, i'd agree that more CC kids camp for the reasons stated about about research papers.

    • oh SEAS  

      research papers and hundreds of pages of reading. love it, but it entails close proximity to lots and lots of books as well as a quiet place to read them in. lugging around 20 books=no fun.

      plus we are just not quite as efficient as all you engineery types and we like to brood all humanities-like about our suffering

      • hot tip

        don't read all the books. get in. find what you need. get out.


        • hotter tip  

          you have obviously never written a research paper-- You do not simply get in and get out. There is a bit more to it.

          Further, many books are not allowed out of the library. Reserved books can only be held by one person for 2 hours without charge. For those who rather spend their $2/hr elsewhere, there is little recourse but to remain in the library and dwell among the forbidden books.

          Not to mention-- you the hell wants to schlep 15 books for a research paper back and forth from their dorms.

          • ...  

            The fallacy in your argument lies in the assumption that everyone is writing long research papers. In reality, I'm willing to bet that 60% of the people in Butler/elsewhere are freshmen who simply have no idea how to productively study. They might be writing LitHum papers but that's about it. No 20-30 page research papers that require reading obscure and forgotten tomes.

            They think that their rooms arent suited for studying (which may be true for doubles but not for singles, I'm looking at you JJ/Furnald ppl) because they get distracted. Well here's the hottest hot tip: unplug the computer and do your work.

            THIS TYPE OF LAST MINUTE CRAMMING DOES NOT WORK IN REAL LIFE! If you can't learn to focus wherever you are and do it efficiently, your highest career position will be assistant to the regional manager.

          • haha  

            YES. Good reference to the office!

          • fallacies  

            I knew your point was going to be idiotic once I read "the fallacy in your argument..." All I'll say is if you read what the person wrote, and what it was in response to, you'd know there was no fallacy - they were talking only about research papers. So don't blame #18.

          • um...  

            Did you read the thread of posts in which 16,18,26 were responding to or are you retarded?

            16: "don't read all the books. get in. find what you need. get out.


            18: "you have obviously never written a research paper-- You do not simply get in and get out. There is a bit more to it...."

            The whole argument is about people camping in Butler. Post 26 is pointing out that most of the people camping DONT NEED TO and fail at studying.

          • ur in seas  

            obviously, because your research skills are rather weak here. Go ahead and look at post 14, and then you'll see where this all started.

          • better yet  

            look at #12, though it won't make much difference.

          • also  

            the problem with #26 is that they respond to an argument that's really just focused on research papers, with #16 suggesting that people writing research papers can get in and get out. #26 was being stupid by using ridiculous phrases like "the fallacy in your argument" when no fallacy exists. in other words, this whole discussion was about research papers, not about what % of those in butler are actually researching.

            I would say, though, that a pretty high % of people camping in Butler are doing those research papers, and there is a good reason to stay in butler for a while when you're doing that.

          • don't  

            forget about Wallach/Hartley ppl

          • actually

            i choose not to study in my room because i'd like for my room to remain an escape, and not a hell hole. psychologically, if you associate your room with work, and stress, and research papers, and the hell that is columbia, you're never going to be able to relax in your room because you're so concerned about the work you have to do.

            i don't study in butler during finals, but i definitely don't study in my room and i don't think there's anything wrong with that.

  7. ...  

    the culture at this school is so funny. everyone is so uptight that it takes the fast approaching headlights on the tractor trailer of failure to get people to reach out to one another.

    then once they do in a desperate act of self preservation, they waste all their time expending pent up social energy from grumbling around campus for the prior 14 weeks.

  8. is that jeanette?  

    i love jeanette.

  9. i love it when...  

    people complain about things that have absolutely nothing to do with them.

  10. so what do you think  

    are the chances of me getting a seat in avery/kent/butler/anywhere if i go seat hunting at 11 AM tomorrow?

  11. averymonger  

    avery? pretty high. Avery is usually packed, but there are always seats if you know where to look.

  12. averymonger  

    on second thought,

    ACTUALLY NEVER MIND AVERY SUCKS BALLS GET AWAY FROM THAT PLACE -- you will die a fiery death if you go to avery It's full of people and horrible.

    there, that should do it.

  13. Wings

    Does Red Bull actually help anybody? I once tried it as an experiment and it didn't seem to have any effect whatsoever. The taste of cough syrup remained in my mouth longer than the stimulants had any effect on my brain. Does memory serve me right?

  14. ...  

    my god, i live with the people in this picture. hey q house!

  15. best  

    the best place to study is the plain little cubicles in lehman. they are empty and awesome.

  16. .....  

    So am I the only one who studies in their room? I find it to be much more conducive to studying because my roommate is always in Butler. No distractions from other people. No searching for a seat. No delusional sleep deprived zombies.

    It's actually kinda nice.... Maybe if more people actually tried studying in their rooms, you wouldn't have this mess.

    • mcbainer  

      I sctually usually study in my room, but even if I turn my wireless off, close my computer, and try to work, I get distracted. I fall asleep on my bed. I need to "check one thing" one courseworks and end up staying on facebook for half as hour. My idiotic floormates decide to have a footrace/wrestle/scream/whatever the fuck they were doing last night. Being in a place where you bring ONLY your books and people around you are studying helps.

  17. ok i get it  

    Maybe you all have 30 page research papers. Maybe you have six upper-level engineering finals. Maybe you didn't read any of the lit hum books and you have to cram. Maybe you can't study in your room. Maybe you can do all of this in no less than the 72-144 hours of allotted study time.

    Why does this stop people from throwing out their garbage??? Seriously, there are trash cans every 30 feet on this campus, but for some reason, it's become cool to study in a sea of your own shit. If you want your study space to look recently lived in, ONE strategically placed coffee cup will do the trick, not 8 plus candy wrappers and every John Jay takeout box from the last 6 days. Gross.

  18. your grades  

    won't matter. none of you CC kids are getting jobs anyway.

    • your life  

      doesn't matter

    • speak, controversy!  

      if you were actually so secure in your magical education in operations research, you wouldn't feel the need to point this out, nor would all you SEAS fuckers feel the need to constantly insult CC kids for majoring in froo-froo, this is precisely the same reason that CC kids don't wall bomb the blogs of worse schools: it is simply rude.
      where does your angst come from, little children? is it acceptance rate envy? perhaps. i prefer to imagine that it is actually curricular envy spawned by the fact that you are 20 years old and already know that you will spend your life next to a calculator.
      so back the fuck off! we don't make fun of your problem sets and boring careers, you don't make fun of our papers and imminent unemployment!

    • ummm  

      if you're so brilliant at engineering why didnt you get into a real fucking school dedicated to your shit (mit, caltech, harvey mudd, whatever) - but no you went to seas where most everyone ends up going into finance. fuck off

      • ummm you suck  

        SEAS is "a real fucking school" dedicated to (our shit) engineering. What part of Fu Foundation School for 'Engineering' and Applied Science can you not comprehend?

        And even though a little less than half of SEAS goes into finance at least they learn something useful, like real math, instead of that "econometrics" bullshit. CC needs to get a grip and realize that you wasted four years of you life learning some thing that is not applicable in any real job. So remember to "fuck off" when you're asking a SEAS kid for a job in 10 years.

  19. red bull cola  

    where can i find it?! :)

  20. News Flash

    If you need to study more than 8 hours for a 3 hour exam, you are stupid.

    Identify what your prof thinks is important, what are viable questions on the exam, and what answers your TAs/prof like from midterms, prior assignments, and previous finals (if given). Don't spend hours crapping your pants over trivial things, whether it be the color of Raskolnikov's shirt on page 344 or the specific heat of steel under 650 lb/sq in of compression stress.

    If Columbia students put half the time towards studying that they put towards complaining about studying, maybe we wouldn't be falling behind UPenn more and more each year.

  21. Jesus Christ...  

    What is it about Columbia kids and wanting to rag on their school? This happens everywhere, people. Competitive suffering is standard fare at any school within the top 100...just THINK what UChicago must look like now.

  22. For a SEAS kid...  

    you write awful well. Are you one of the non-autistic kids?

  23. barack obama  

    graduated from cc and he has a job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • lies i say  

      You're just falling for the falsified narrative promulgated by the liberal-arts liberal-elite media. Obama graduated from SEAS! Bruit the truth! Even though bruit typically refers not to truth but rumor damn it I can't even make believe to be a SEAS kid for a minute cognitive dissonance too great okay I'm done.

  24. touche  

    it took 54 posts for an Obama mention---columbia record anyone?

    but very good point nonetheless! job indeed

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