Showdown: 209 Butler

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Butler corresponent Sara Vogel breathlessly reports the following: Around 11 PM, in 209 Butler, the following Dramatic And Exciting Events Occurred: A book fell to the ground. A bunch of students stood up and pointed finger guns at each other, as if holding everyone hostage. They all pointed their fingers and then said “bang” and shot each other. And then everyone clapped.

According to Bwog Media Analyst Jon Hill, we can expect the following coverage from Fox News:

“Where does the final casualty count stand today after a surprise hostage stand-off at a Columbia University library last night? We’ll have the details of the shocking incident and the crazed students that sparked it at the top of our 9 o’clock hour…”

Anyway, Bwog has been promised video of this Dramatic And Exciting Non-Standoff soon. 

UPDATE 1:49 PM: Dramatic Video can be found here.  Be patient, it takes a few tens of seconds for the action to start.

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  1. How does the  

    NRA keep its members informed?

    With a monthly bullet-in!

  2. goddamn it  

    are you the same person who told the Freudian strip joke?

  3. i am so effing happy  

    that the punster is back.

  4. fuck  

    the Punster. I really feel like hitting this person

  5. B/B-  

    This recap leaves a lot to be desired. It is short on setup and on details and does not paint a clear picture...I'm left thinking the event sounds neither Dramatic nor Exciting. I will take revisions up until the 19th. Perhaps you should call it a night and get a fresh start in the morning. Best, Prof

  6. I love  

    when bwog gets criticized.

  7. where is it?  

    where's the video??

  8. hahha  

    that one girl who strides down with both guns pointing is a virtuous WARRIOR.

    i would be scared though if this happened where i was. everyone is too caffeinated and jittery without gun imagery

  9. i thought

    the band had a monopoly on distracting people in butler during finals.

  10. Warrior #1  


  11. Talkie  

    They completely stole that from the banned XBox 360 commercial, but it was still really good.

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