Weather Turns “Frightful” (Updated with Snowman)

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For those who have not looked out their window this evening (entirely possible, we know), it’s snowing! Mabo Imosili and Bwoggers Hans Hyttinen and Jon Hill send photos from around the quad.

UPDATE 12:29 AM: We have a confirmed snowman sighting in front of Butler. The snowman’s name is Ozymandias, and it is drinking Red Bull. Pictures below and after the jump.







– Photos by Hans Hyttinen, Mabo Imosili, and Jon Hill

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  1. thanks  

    but we need a photo with college walk and the beautiful lights in the snow!

  2. Lerner Camper  

    wait, snow... are we supposed to know that for the final??? did he cover it in class??? omg just shoot me now and bury me in the white stuff

  3. snow  

    is magically rejuvinating! go play for 10 minutes. your focus will be like never before!

  4. crap...  

    now i don't want to study for finals that much more


  5. whoa  

    van am quad looks cool!

  6. HOLY SHIT  

    the sky is red in the first photo! It's the end of days!

  7. Wait...

    If it's the end of days, do I still have to write my anthro paper?

  8. wait  

    what does the snowman have in its hands?

  9. err  

    it looks almost like photoshop

  10. sorry prezbo

    apparently an expert in 1st amendment law still can't prevent his university from getting a 'red light' in FIRE's freedom of expression ratings

    Apparently he could learn a thing or two from Dartmouth and UPenn

  11. whoa

    These photos are beautiful!

  12. love love love  

    the snowman with redbull! props!

  13. tangerines  

    Ian, can you feel the baby?

  14. the photo with  

    the trees on college walk definitely needs to be one of the rotating picture header things on the columbia webpage.

  15. eek!

    There is something strangely apocalyptic about Low behind the snowman in the second photo. Something about the cloud and the red sky makes it look like Low is burning down.....

    Regardless, awesome photos.

    Also, on the plus side, I love how now that it has snowed, everyone is in a better mood and has stopped leaving bitchy/snide/curmudgeon-y comments

  16. there is  

    a panda-esque snow creation near hartley

  17. snowman  

    the snowman looks dirty

  18. "Ozymandias"  

    Much appreciated.

  19. seasons  

    i love that yesterday my study break was sitting on low steps in a t-shirt.. today it was a snowball fight.

  20. yeea  

    that first snowman is a creepy fuckin sick photo

  21. Too many people  

    forget how stunningly gorgeous our campus is...these pictures are amazing.

  22. Heck Yes  

    Making that snowman was fantastic. Thanks, guys. =)

  23. wow!

    some of those photos are fantastic! nice work, bwog.

  24. to the photographer  

    of the really nice pics from college walk: could you send me those shots in full res? My tripod is broken, so i was unable to take long exposure shots. plase reply to [email protected]

    thank you!

  25. rawr  

    its times like this when i realize i need a new camera

  26. kjr

    Sillybuns, the night sky is never black in NY. Particularly when it's raining or snowing (cloud cover, light pollution, reflection). It's awful, but beautiful too, I think.

  27. that snowman

    was so named by brendan price.

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