Campo On Campus?

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Campo, the frat-friendly New Pertutti, has posted a rumor on its Facebook group — which evidently exists — that states the following piece of puzzling news:

“Campo On Campus”- Campo is opening a second, new restaurant, on Columbia University, between the Graduate School of Journalism and Furnhaldt Dorm. We’ll be offering warm sandwiches, soups, salads, pastries, great coffee and possibly wine and beer! Look for us in late January/early February!”

“Furnhaldt” is overpriced-Italian-restaurant-speak for “Furnald”, so that’s easy enough to figure out. But the area between Furnald and Journalism is currently occupied by a strange, Sims-like glass cube known as the Journalism Student Lounge. Bwog called up Campo to ask if there were any plans for expansion onto campus and were told that there were not.

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  1. Well  

    Campo will probably just be serving food in the Journalism Student Space thing. I'm pretty sure the Journalism school has been looking for someone to do it for awhile now.

  2. skeptical

    I doubt that there will be a restaurant serving wine and beer on campus.

  3. sounds about right

    That pretty new glass area for Journalism students is actually completely empty sans some spiffy modern chairs and stonework. They have a complete cafe set up with displays and counter top for cash register and board for menu and refrigerated places for food, but no one's actually occupying it, so even if it's not Campo...I'm sure they're looking for someone...and a bit more upscale than Blue Java since it's for grad students....

  4. because

    you can't just walk 2 minutes down broadway to the actual restaurant.

    this is why people are fat in america. they need their food NOW. AT THEIR TOES.

  5. ...

    back in the day before the drinking age became 21, there used to be a bar/pub on campus... It was in the basement of one of the residence halls

  6. jjs

    served beer until 6 or 7 years ago, i believe.

  7. all

    we need is more campo on this god damn campus, their parties are shit and notorious for peoples things disappearing

  8. Does this mean

    we can finally buy wine and beer on dining dollars?

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